A Day with Selangor Javanese Community at Banghuris Homestay, At The Host House

I have some readers emailing me, asking how the actual ‘guest houses’ are in Banghuris Homestay. Will they be the authentic kampung houses? How the facilities will be? Are there any WiFi that you can use? Any hot water shower?

Well, since you asked, here’s a little glimpse on one of the participating houses.

 photo IMG_20150418_173923_zpsno3x4niz.jpg

After the teatime picnic by the fishing pond in the previous post, my family and I were taken to our assigned host’s house for a rest. This is our host’s house. It is pretty much a modernized house located deep in the kampung area. I can’t say the same about other participating houses though. I spotted some that’s completely traditional, architecture-wise.

 photo IMG_20150418_174557_zpsdqrliyyf.jpg

Our room. With two single beds, bathroom attached and fully air conditioned. There is extra mattress for you to spread on the floor. So I suppose this means one room can accommodate more than just two people and is suitable for families of four. There was no hot water shower or WiFi here for you to connect your devices to. But no, that is not a complain as this is the REAL kind of homestay where you are not actually just renting a room to stay but you are staying with your host and their family and you are expected to blend in with their lifestyle as a part of the family. That would simply mean, you have meals at the same table with your host and you participate in whatever activities your host’s family is doing, so when you stay in these kind of homestay, don’t just lock yourselves up in the room. That is simply rude and ungracious as they are not just treating you as a guest, but as part of their family.

I love the fact that I was being given the opportunity to experience it all; staying with a friendly family in the kampung and I get to be a kampung girl for the day.

We rested here is our host’s house with world class hospitality where all our needs are taken care off before getting ready for the main agenda that night, The Nasi Ambeng Festival 2015.

You may read all about Nasi Ambeng Festival 2015 in my next posting.In the meantime, here’s some info on Banghuris Homestay:

Banghuris Homestay won The Best Homestay Award in 2014 by Tourism Malaysia and is an abbreviation of three kampung names; Kampung Bukit Bangkong, Kampung Hulu Chuchoh and Kampung HuluTeris. Basically it is three villages forming a homestay with 80 participating houses providing homestay service. It is about 35km from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and 97km from Kuala Lumpur. The nearest tourism attraction to Banghuris Homestay is Sepang Gold Coast, which is about 15km away.

Right now Banghuris Homestay is offering RM250 (per pax) for a 3days 2 night package that is inclusive of meals and planned activities. Great for kids during school holidays and for those who wants to experience a kampung life.

Info on Banghuris Homestay, should you are interested in staying there:

Banghuris Homestay
Jalan Tailong
Kg. Hulu Chuchoh
43950 SG.Pelek
Sepang Selangor

Phone: 03-31421019

Email: [email protected]

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