A Retreat at Eco Murai Rimba, Batang Kali

In the fever and agitation of modern life, the need of escapism and physical repose impresses itself on tired souls who desire to have a short retreat and get back to nature. The purpose of a short retreat, is to temporarily leave behind the usual distractions we all face for a time long enough to allow relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation to happen. Unfortunately for us all, especially for those who lives in the city, does not exactly have the luxury to get away from daily routine or work commitment long enough to travel to exotic places for some undisturbed R&R. One way to solve this issue is to travel domestically or in your own residential state and go to nearby places for an undisturbed retreat.

To be honest, I didn’t exactly know much places that I can go for a short retreat with my family, that’s in the vicinity of my home state, but I recently discovered that Selangor have plenty of hidden paradise. One of it is Eco Murai Rimba. Here’s sharing with you my family’s 2D1N experience in Eco Murai Rimba with friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor.

Eco Murai Rimba is a secluded Bed & Breakfast place located somewhere by the riverside in Batang Kali, Selangor. It takes about just 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

 photo DSCN7330_zpsexupnv3v_edit_1443794696334_zpshqsj2efp.jpg

My son AlienGoTravel and I were particularly impressed when we were greeted with this beautiful view upon arrival. The feeling can be likened to walking into the lush forest and stumbling upon a beautiful white cottage in the midst of it. As a romance novelist, I would fairly describe it as stepping straight into an intimate world of undiscovered romance.

 photo DSCN7335_zpsujkk7k9r_edit_1443794731757_zpsqvjkif1e.jpg

Stepping beyond the white picket fence, we were treated to this beautiful view of colourful cottage. If my memory serves me right, have a total of 9 rooms here. Each of the room is named Murai 1-9 respectively. Each of these Murai rooms could comfortably accommodate 2 person.

 photo DSCN7322_zpst9yijhge_edit_1443802744182_zpsca8w5xt8.jpg

Here is where my family and I stayed for a night last month. Our room was Murai 6, the one with sky blue door. The sight of it is very homey and cozy. There is even a pair of small rattan chair in front of the room for lazing purpose. Couples, lovers and even honeymooners would ubdoubtly appreciate this. I know my husband and I did. πŸ™‚

 photo DSCN7327_zps7zlbljki.jpg

Our room was pretty much basic and clean. True to it’s eco retreat theme, the room does not come with any entertainment unit, which I greatly appreciate. It would definitely spoil the mood for a complete R&R if there was an idiot box in there.
Our room comes with a cozy Queen sized bed. The additional mattress was prepared upon request to accommodate my son AlienGoTravel. There was no bathroom ensuite. The bathroom and restroom is located outside and is public sharing.

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Apart from the Murai rooms, there’s this small cottage that could accommodate 4-8 person in it. Very beautiful and romantic sight, don’t you think? A small cottage with white picket fence and pretty hanging flower plants in a pot at the front door.


Back view of the cottage shows that there is even a small balcony facing the riverside attached to it.

 photo FB_IMG_1443806299757_zpsrhwvqeqx.jpg

View from the small balcony

 photo FB_IMG_1443803902625_zpsfla1hd2v.jpg

Here is the interior to the cottage. Perfect for a night stay with your family.

 photo FB_IMG_1443805715085_zpsz97nwymk.jpg

Refreshments were prepared for us upon arrival just right outside of our rooms.

 photo FB_IMG_1443806447707_zpsmob6arok.jpg

Traditional cakes and Eco Murai’s special welcome drink was served.

 photo DSCN7345_zpsinnwzxzt.jpg

This is Eco Murai Rimba’s specialty drink that’s usually served to guests. It’s known as Murai Rimba drink, a refreshing concoction of drinks in ocean blue.

 photo FB_IMG_1443805726889_zpsrpdg7ql6.jpg

Settling down for teatime

 photo DSCN7339_zpsuagmsnsm.jpg

Enjoying our snacks and refreshments.

 photo DSCN7336_zpsyeafh5da.jpg

Our host also prepared some BBQ for for dinner, and since it’s still long time to go before dinner, it’s free and easy chillax time. Some of us decided to go for a swim in the river while some decided to just relax at the common area.

 photo DSCN7338_zps3zsaz4st_edit_1443805165197_zps9mesybps.jpg

There is a common lazing area with comfortable bean bags for you to lay on. The best part of it, it is facing the riverside and you could be easily lulled with the sound of the river.

 photo DSCN7569_zpsxweeuflo.jpg

It wasn’t long before we flocked the common area.

 photo DSCN7566_zpscczv5bjl.jpg

Being city people, I guess we couldn’t resist clinging to our smartphones.

 photo DSCN7567_zpsawd7zxds.jpg

But I’m glad to report, we found other modes of entertainment besides going online, and not before long, the place was filled with singing and the sound of music.

 photo DSCN7589_zpsrlu6fjph.jpg

Lazing around

 photo DSCN7362_zpsf1vzaa4u_edit_1443797458001_zpsptxjefla.jpg

Night fall at Eco Murai Rimba

 photo DSCN7350_zpsfpnzhwlq_edit_1443807016519_zpslaxcjdp7.jpg

If I thought it was very cozy and welcoming during the day, then the nights in Eco Murai Rimba is romantically beautiful.

 photo DSCN7364_zpsrdftpaxz.jpg

Our table, with candlelight and all.

 photo DSCN7390_zpsqkhf0s19_edit_1443807096877_zpsd75kkncg.jpg

Yes. This is a picture of a romantic place.

 photo DSCN7353_zpsnlz1oerl.jpg

BBQ dinner being prepared

 photo DSCN7387_zpsrh4fbkau.jpg

And it’s time to dig in. One thing about Eco Murai Rimba is that it doesn’t have a planned activities for you, so you will have to come out with your own program or games to keep yourselves entertained throughout your stay here. We didn’t have much to do, but luckily for us, our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor are a creative bunch. And during our 2D1N stay there, they came out with plenty of games and things to do.There were lucky draws, best costumes and singing session that night.

 photo received_10153167748069077_zpsbkm7r9f8.jpeg

And guess what? They asked me to sing. Yes. Of all the things, they asked me to sing! Gosh. Really not my forte, and I believe I actually croaked than sing but my performance earned me a standing ovation that night. Well, sort of.:P It was not because I sang well and astounded everyone present but because I was really unprepared for a public performance and panicked. The only song I could remember at that moment was Malaysia’s national anthem, ‘Negaraku’. πŸ˜‰ And so, I sang that and everyone had to stand up and sing along with me out of respect for our beloved country. πŸ˜›

 photo FB_IMG_1443809954087_zpsm0dkfapd.jpg

We chilled out together that night and had a long session of singing and playing the guitar before retiring for the night. I usually have troubles sleeping at night but apparently, just for the night, Eco Murai Rimba cured me of my insomnia and I slept like a baby. Perhaps, it was the nature factor that lulled me to slumber and morning arrived way too soon.

 photo DSCN7394_zpsxkct34bf_edit_1443814061750_zpstf5mokwy.jpg

I woke up at about 8am and was absolutely famished. So I went down with the rest to the dining area where our breakfast awaits while my husband and son slept in awhile longer.

 photo DSCN7406_zpsbvlibpb3_edit_1443816603127_zps40ryelea.jpg

Here’s the kitchen area where meals are prepared for the guests.

 photo DSCN7401_zpsm3nfhpew.jpg

Our breakfast was the all time Malaysian favourite; Nasi Lemak and condiments and tumeric fried chicken as the side dish. There were also sliced baguette and butter for those who prefers light meal for breakfast. Sorry. No picture of my breakfast. I was too hungry to even remember to snap a picture of it. Surprisingly, that’s a first too. πŸ˜› There is really something about this place that makes you want to just sit back and connect with nature instead of clinging to technology.

 photo DSCN7544_zpssfb0zgcp_edit_1443817385085_zpstpqfsqpp.jpg

Mr. Libra of Tourism Malaysia Selangor, chilling out with us at breakfast.

 photo DSCN7547_zpsax5ojs5r_edit_1443817500084_zpsmtl9iugb.jpg

After awhile, one of the owner of Eco Murai Rimba, Mr. Charles Arphutam joined us for breakfast and told us all about Eco Murai Rimba. It would be too long of a story for me to share here, but at the end of the conversation, he offered me and my family a free stay on our next visit so that he could bring us to explore the place more. Well, a promise is a promise and I told him that I’ll take a raincheque and I fully intend to take him up on that one. πŸ˜‰ One night stay in Eco Murai Rimba is definitely not enough. At least to me it is not enough.

 photo DSCN7393_zpsaeq1ap9t.jpg

My view, from the dining area.

 photo DSCN7482_zps5oneheks.jpg

This is, my kind of paradise.

 photo DSCN7420_zpsyae0rxji.jpg

I was obviously enjoying my breakfast and breathtaking view before me, but my cheeky friends decided to start swimming in the river without me.

 photo DSCN7446_zpsxdqxzpmc.jpg

Will you just look at that cheeky face. πŸ™ Being a foodie and quite a glutton, I was naturally planning on a second helping of Nasi Lemak but they keep tempting me to join them.

 photo DSCN7496_zpsrjogh4cw_edit_1443820813985_zpstenzee4f.jpg

I had no choice but to quickly finish off my meal and drag my husband and son with me to the river and join in the fun. The food will have to wait. πŸ™

 photo DSCN7392_zpsk2mrfdkb.jpg

Warning sign spotted. πŸ™‚ Swim at your own risk.

 photo DSCN7537_zpsgvciwsvn.jpg

And so, my husband, my son and I went down to the river and here’s our trademark feet picture. πŸ˜› No shoes on since we were at the riverbed. πŸ˜›

 photo DSCN7435_zpshhhynxbd.jpg

The river stream was practically a natural jacuzzi and I decided up give my legs a soothing hydro massage for a lil bit.

 photo DSCN7452_zpsy6pf0p3e_edit_1443820045755_zpspauvmxva.jpg

And I could see that I wasn’t the only one who utilizes the natural jacuzzi to the fullest. These guys apparently were enjoying it themselves and had their back massaged by the soothing water.

 photo DSCN7460_zps7krbhte1.jpg

After awhile, I decided to join the ladies and we had some spa session done. πŸ˜› Girls will always be girls and beauty regime is never forgotten, even you’re in the middle of nowhere or in the jungle.

 photo DSCN7461_zpsuh7fjrzy.jpg

We scrubbed our bodies with the sand from the riverbed and guess what? Our skin became much smoother than before when we washed it off. I kid you not. Thinking back, I ought to have bring back a jar or two of the sand. πŸ˜›

 photo DSCN7493_zpsggmbyrk0.jpg

Like mother, like son. AlienGoTravel scrubbed his body with the sand too.

 photo DSCN7475_zps9l1wqw0m.jpg

The pebbles here are all so lovely and I was tempted to bring some home, but my husband told me not to. According to him, we’re not supposed to bring anything back from the river, in case there is a spirit in it. Quite ridiculous to me, but I wasn’t going to argue. The notion of bringing ‘weird things’ back does not appeal much. πŸ™

 photo DSCN7434_zpsx710azwt.jpg

One moment in peace at the river before water fight ensues.

 photo DSCN7412_zpsdwekdlq6.jpg

Splashing around in the river

 photo DSCN7454_zpsiktt5tcx.jpg

But it doesn’t last long, as everyone started to feel cold and were absolutely famished.

 photo DSCN7467_zpsqlfbjtcw.jpg

But we did not have enough of the river, so we decided to have a picnic by the riverside with half our bodies still in the water.

 photo DSCN7472_zpsupwmvlpl.jpg

Nothing gourmet.

 photo DSCN7468_zpsir07bluk.jpg

Just some bread with canned chicken curries and canned sardines. They are instant food that I usually will not touch unless under emergency circumstances, but at that moment, it was the best thing ever.

 photo DSCN7471_zpszdck35de.jpg

Enjoying our picnic by the riverside.

 photo DSCN7581_zpsucn9ivpe.jpg

Time was envious and it’s finally time to get back to reality and say goodbye. So we gathered at the common area for one last time.

 photo DSCN7585_zpslgjrmeer_edit_1443839517331_zpsjgupbu4i.jpg

Tourism Malaysia Selangor Director Mr. Libra Lee Hanif giving farewell speech

 photo DSCN7599_zpskyzk1yd2_edit_1443839722696_zpso33mapcm.jpg

Announcement of the winner for the contest held the night before was made. Token of appreciation in the form of merchandizes as well of certificates were handed to all who were present.

 photo DSCN7602_zpsnslnnucf.jpg

Our host, Charles and Shaun saying goodbye to us.

 photo FB_IMG_1443838064307_zpshyuv0dfj.jpg

And here’s one for the album.

Eco Murai Rimba is much more than just a secluded Bed & Breakfast but a hidden paradise.The place is family friendly and it is a must visit place if you are looking for a short eco retreat with your loved ones. Would be great for adventurous honeymooners too.

One room for two with breakfast costs RM150 per night. Charges for extra mattress in the room applies.

For current promotions, room bookings and reservations, please refer to the information below:

Eco Murai Rimba
B66, Jalan Lama Genting,
Sungai Pinang,
44300 Batang Kali,
Telephone:012-2505507 & 014-6355081
Email:[email protected]
Facebook: https://facebook.com/EcoMuraiRimba


  1. Emily says:

    I’ve not heard of this place before but the cottages are very eye-catching. Outdoor trips are not my cup of tea but I don’t mind going on them once in a blue moon.

  2. Cecilia says:

    This is an amazing place! I know Batang Kali have this kind of place from a friend and until now haven’t visit this place! This is good place for short getaway from city!

  3. Aliza Sara says:

    Such a fun trip! Its funny that im a KL tourism ambassador, but i havent managed to cover all the parts and hidden beauty of Malaysia. I always appreciate trips that are back to nature. and at night, the place looks really romantic πŸ˜€

  4. Pooja Kawatra says:

    Such a beautiful place to enjoy the retreat with family and friends. I loved the cottage giving very countryside kind of look.

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