A Steamboat Experience at 6,000 ft Above Sea Level in Malaysia: Seafood Sauna Steamboat at Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant, Resorts World Genting

I’m a huge fan of steamboat meals (some call it hotpot, but it’s practically the same thing), but more often than not, the ambiance of the steamboat places are not always comfortable despite of their delicious offerings. Those I usually frequent are mostly located on the roadside, catering to large crowds of diners. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m the sort of person who can’t do street dining, in fact, I love street food and street dining. They’re really fun, but there are times where you want to just just chill and slowly enjoy your steamboat meals with family and friends at a quiet place, without having to raise your voice just to be heard.

I’ve been scouting for some nice quiet place to enjoy a steamboat meal at, and discovered that Resort Seafood Steamboat at Resorts World Genting somehow topped the list.

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Resort Seafood Steamboat. Located at 6,000 feet above sea level in Resort Hotel at Resorts World Genting, the restaurant not only offers a dining experience at literally a higher level, but absolute seafood enjoyment as well.

For those who seeks privacy and quiet dining experience with a large group of family and friends, you can request to be seated at one of the private rooms.

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Resort Seafood Steamboat offers four private rooms, with the first two offerings two huge dining tables that can cater up to 20 persons.

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For those who prefers to choose their own soup and eat at their leisure instead of sharing a large pot, the third and the fourth room offers a space that can not only accomodate 15 and 20 guests respectively but offers individual steamboat pot option as well.

 photo IMG_4939_zpshkfbkctb.jpg

Here’s yours truly and the hosts of the day. We were seated at one of the private rooms.

 photo MAKEUP_20170429014427_save_zpskoibrn6u.jpg

The restaurant’s current steamboat highlight as of writing is this; Seafood Sauna Layer Pot Set. It comes pre-assembled with seafood items arranged in tiers.

 photo 20170423_141441_zpsbxi8ygcj.jpg

The restaurant offers three different steamboat packages ranging from RM756- RM1,650 to allow diners to make their selection from an array of raw and marinated ingredients, which then can be cooked at their table, but here’s the one that we tried; the Seafood Sauna Layer Pot, a set for 8 pax-10pax (RM688 for Genting Rewards card members and RM758 for non members).

 photo IMG_20170503_031256_zpsbkvalcyk.jpg

This showcasing of the freshest and luxurious seafood meal is pretty unique. It is supposed to be eaten layer by layer while being steamed. Should you order this set, be sure to inform your dining partners about it and be patient while digging in instead of spreading all the layers on the table and attacking all the seafood items simultaneously like you would do a regular steamboat/hotpot meal. You’ll ruin the real experience and miss all the sauna seafood real enjoyment if you do that. Instead of dumping all the items into the soup base and eating everything all at once like you do the regular steamboat or a hotpot meal, work on eating the seafood items from the top layer to the second and finally savor the Salmon fish head soup base by adding the accompanying platter of steamboat items and the side of spinach before you completely finish off the meal by dumping the fried rice into the leftover soup and make a porridge out of it.The flavours of the seafood on subsequent layers gets better and more distinctive as you go along. This is because the top layer’s seafood juices will drip into the next layer through the pot’s holes bit by bit, showering the concealed bottom pot with juicy seafood goodness.

 photo IMG_20170503_031946_zpsex25jdxx.jpg

First layer of seafood galore consists of grass prawns, squids, scallops, green mussels and sweet corns. I cannot comment much on the green mussels and the squids as I was kept busy by the fat grass prawns and scallops. The grass prawns were naturally sweet and absolutely delicious and if I were to have it my way, I would have finish off all the prawns myself, leaving none for others. Yes. The prawns were that good.

 photo IMG_20170503_032047_zpsz4dmddxo.jpg

Magnificent second layer were made of huge live crabs and sweet corns. Working through this layer of the pot was much more interesting than the first layer. It might only contain just two items, which is just the live crabs and the sweet corns, but it is certainly more flavourful than the previous layer as this layer of items has fully absorbed the seafood juices from the previous layer. I’ve taken a bite of the sweet corns from the first layer of the pot and found it just normal in terms of flavours, but the sweet corns from this layer of the pot was to die for. The sweetness of the corns were truly enhanced by the seafood juices and it actually tasted fruitier. The crabs, needless to say, were satisfyingly flavourful and meaty.

 photo 20170423_135433_zps3t0mdvug.jpg

Third layer contains the flavourful Salmon fish head soup; the one that gets better and better as you slowly feast on the top layers of seafood offerings. All the juices from the top layers dripped into this one and the perfect way to enjoy this is by adding in the accompanying platter of steamboat items when you finally finished off the top layers of seafood sauna. It will turn the normal looking Salmon fish head soup base into something entirely different. Once you are done with the platter of steamboat ingredients, crack in some eggs, add in the spinach and the ginger egg fried rice and make a porridge out of the remaining soup base. I promise you that it will be the best tasting porridge you’ll ever tasted, with all the juicy seafood drips enhancing the flavours of the grains.

 photo IMG_20170503_032242_zpsn6loomsc.jpg

Here’s the accompanying platter of assorted steamboat items that we dumped into the Salmon fish head soup base to be throroughly cooked: enokitake mushrooms, Shittake mushrooms, King of oyster myshrooms, fuzuk mushroom rolls, unbreaded crabmeats, Teowchew wantans, sui kow dumplings, chilli fishballs, chicken supreme slices and fishballs.

 photo 20170423_135333_zpsskusfpve.jpg

A closer look at the assorted mushrooms on the platter. Spotted suspects: Enokitake mushrooms, Shittake mushrooms, Shimeiji mushrooms and King of oyster myshrooms. I’m a huge fan of mushrooms and therefore I was absolutely delighted when I found these being included in the Seafood Sauna Layer Pot set. Mushrooms has always made the soup more more interesting and in this case, it did help to add more ‘umami’ flavours to the Salmon fish head soup base. A bonus? The meaty mushroom texture is fun to eat too.

 photo 20170423_135406_zpskzoahopq.jpg

Fuzuk mushroom rolls. Filled with mushroomy goodness, these fuzuk mushroom rolls can be quite addictive.

 photo 20170423_135411_zpslfsm78j3.jpg

Unbreaded crabmeats. Not having to crack the crab open to enjoy the meat, crab meat fans will definitely love this.

 photo 20170423_135415_zpsc8jxmezw.jpg

Teowchew wantans. One of the cutely wrapped up items on the plate that packs quite some flavours in it.

 photo 20170423_135422_zpsdslaeru8.jpg

Sui kow dumplings. My favourite item whenever my family and I go for a seafood meal. Just don’t ask how many I took during this meal and I’ll tell you no lies. They’re fantastic, but please be sure not to leave them in the soup for too long, or the skin will turn soggy. Sure, they’ll be still nice to eat even when they’re overcooked but you’d want to enjoy it when it’s just nicely cooked.

 photo 20170423_135343_zpsibhn7wfo.jpg

Chilli fishballs. Not a spicy item despite of it’s name. Just more flavourful, so don’t be afraid to indulge on these. They don’t bite you.

 photo 20170423_135346_zpsxgkrtbzz.jpg

Chicken supreme slices. Neatly rolled up and nicely presented on the platter. I had two slices of these during the meal and thought how good it will be if I can have these at home too, especially for breakfast or in my sandwiches. The chicken supreme slices goes pretty well with the soup base. I wanted more of them after my second slice but unfortunately for me, my tummy barely have space for extras after all the earlier seafood indulgence.

 photo 20170423_135403_zpsutakb6x0.jpg

Fishballs, made from real fishes and not just fake and artificial flavourings. I gave this a miss in favour of other items on the platter, so I can’t comment on the taste. Sometimes, I really do wish I have a bigger tummy to fit in more food.

 photo 20170423_135321_zpsoxg6jnan.jpg

Spinach, our source of fibre of the day. We were so excited with our seafood feast that we nearly forgotten about the spinach that’s sitting on the side sadly. A complete waste should we really overlooked this fresh bundle of green goodness. It’s a refreshing addition after all the seafood that we had.

 photo 20170423_134055_zpstktmbrfh.jpg

Last but not least, the Ginger Egg Fried rice. Good on it’s own, but here I wouldn’t really recommend you to eat them the usual way you eat fried rice. Having this at the beginning of the seafood sauna steamboat meal is a no no too as it will take up the space in your tummy before you could even begin to enjoy other seafood. This fried rice makes a great finishing touch to the leftover soup base when you’re almost done with your seafood sauna steamboat meal, so remember to save this for the last. Generously fried with ginger slices and eggs, this Ginger Egg Fried Rice will turn into one of the best porridge you ever tasted when you dumped it in the soup base at the end of the meal. I managed to make mine at the end of my meal, and I am absolutely glad I saved this for the last.

 photo 20170423_142106_zps1cbbgllm.jpg

Like most steamboat places, Resort Seafood Steamboat also offers an array of specially made dipping sauces to go with your meal. There are plenty of addictive ones here and in the picture here are just half of the variety of dipping sauces that they have to offer, but if you want to really savor the natural sweetness of the seafood and the soup, just go without the dipping sauce. The seafood are all fresh and they’re already good to be eaten on its own.

Overall, the dining experience here surpassed my high expectation. But despite of the fast service and great hospitality from the service crew in this restaurant, this particular meal is not for those who are busy on a tight schedule or rushing as you will need at least 1 hour to fully enjoy the entire meal. It is also not for those who can’t put away their gadgets at mealtime as well. This steamboat dining concept is created for you to slowly enjoy your food with your dining partners as you chit chat and catch up with each other. Great concept, I must say, considering most of us are married to our gadgets and smartphones and rarely make any face to face interaction anymore, even at dining tables during mealtimes. I highly recommend this Seafood Sauna Layer Pot for any sort of personal or business gatherings.

Should you want to experience all these fantastic food at literally a higher level while fostering togetherness as you do so, go on ahead to Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant at Resorts World Genting and order any of the Seafood Sauna Layer Pot set meal on their menu. I can assure you that once is not enough and you’ll be craving for a second experience in no time.

Walk ins is welcomed but bookings and reservations is recommended for large groups. For more information, on current ongoing promos and anything else on the menu, please refer to the information below:

Resort Seafood
Level One Resort Hotel, Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands 69000, Malaysia
Telephone Number: +60 6036 1011 118

Opening Hours
12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm (Daily)

Website: www.rwgenting.com

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