Singapore Property Investment Guide for Foreigners

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In times of economic uncertainty, it is a prudent decision to think about Singapore real estate investments. Real estate investments are perhaps the world’s safest investments. They are investments that cannot be stolen, lost or carried away. Empirical evidence has proved that if you invest smartly in real estate, you are bound to get good results. 

Today, Singapore is regarded as an A-rated economy with strong growth capabilities. It has a stable economy and is a hot destination for individuals who are interested to get long-term benefits. The last few years have seen an exponential growth of foreign investors who are ready to invest here and make some good deals. 

The market of Singapore property investment is favorable for foreign investors for a number of good reasons. The ownership laws here are completely clear and transparent. There is security of property rights too. The laws and regulations protect the buyers and the investor need not have to pay any capital gains tax. The foreigners are eligible for Singapore dollar mortgage loan. All these facilities allure more number of investors to take interest in the real estate market of Singapore.

The Government here has also given a strong commitment to real estate to attract a lot of foreign investors. It is a truly cosmopolitan city where foreigners find it easy to settle. It has a world class infrastructure with excellent roads, ports, and air transport facilities. It is all because of all these reasons that foreigners are interested in Singapore property investment. Findings show that Singapore is expected to benefit from a healthy growth in the market of real estate for many more years to come. 

Investing in the Singapore property can be your alternative source of income. You can go ahead and make the investments in real estate along with your current occupation. The best thing is that you can expect good returns on property investments without taxing yourself. The returns that you scour by investing in the property are more than what you get by venturing in any other occupation. There are several benefits of investing in the property. The feeling of being called the landlord or landlady will seep energy within you. If you are in the right direction, obviously, you can maximize your returns from the property investments.

But, before you go any further and take the decision to invest in any property, you need to have some guide. Here are the guides on the property investments to foreighners that will help you to make the right decision:

Do the research -You need to stay on the top, and for one reason you even deserve it. Property investments are coupled with research. It means you have to carry out research with respect to the location, area and your country. If you have done good research on the location, area and other aspects, surely, you’d see your investments growing.

Allocate the budget for investment – You need to allocate the budget for the property investments by figuring out land value, mortgage expenses, investment route, etc. It is better that you become serious about your budgetary allocations in the very starting! Of course, when it comes to the actual payment, you will need to prepare the payment for deposit and the setting in place of deadlines for payment of other fees (such as stamp duties).

Decide on your goals – Nothing comes out really well without the goals. In case of property investments, you need to set up your goal. You need to think objectively on your purpose behind investing in the property. Do you want to invest for the purpose of earning residual income? Do you want to earn one-time huge profit? Do you want to invest for the future? Think over on your goals!

Experience of property agent – It is a good idea that you will be investing in the real estate market. But, investing without the right kind of professional guidance can put your investments into a complete mess. Therefore, hire a professional and experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent will work as your consultant and you can seek financial advice when you invest in the real estate. A point of caution here! Make sure that you are frank with the property agent and discuss with him openly about the location, price and other aspects of the real estate property that you intend to buy.

Type of property – You need to have good and clear picture on the type of property that you wish to buy considering the abundance of property available in Singapore such as HDB, BTO, EC, Condominiums, Apartments, and Landed Housings. In this case, a real estate agent will be of immense help to you. But, have to put in place your common sense too. You should inspect the property and pay attention to the furnishings, fixtures and other value additions. Property investments are long term and high profile investments by all means. Your satisfaction is of great importance before you finally close the property deal.

Location – One of the key deciding factors in the property investment is the location. A good location will bring you awesome returns in the future. Your investments on the property will double or treble and it would be a sound gain. If the property location is not good, it is less likely that you could see its market value rising. Location plays a very crucial role in the property investment.

Reason for purchase – Are you purchasing the property for your family? Do you want to rent the property? If you are seeing your property as a long term investment and want to rent it, make sure that you check its rental yield. Prime locations usually have very high rental yield because the property in such types of locations are in high demand.

So, be smart and start searching for good deals now!

In the property market of Singapore, all types of properties flourish. There are both residential and commercial buildings for sale in the property launch. The residencial house is mostly in the form of apartments located in various districts of Singapore. The apartments here have the best of facilities and located very close to all the necessary civic amenities. The commercial buildings are built and rented out to companies. You can purchase either the part of the property or also the complete property. 

It is also recommended to choose the right builder so that the quality is maintained. The property websites do have discussion forum which comprise of like minded people who discuss about the property. Participating in such forums can help you get real information about Singapore property and its builders. Taking a calculated risk and investing in new property lauch Singapore would prove great profits.

It is not so difficult to find out about the opportunities that are there in the real estate market of Singapore. There are dozens of platforms that provide plenty of information about real estate bulk purchase and crowdfunding in Singapore. These platforms are for those who want take keen part in the ideas or projects created by the opportunity providers.

The platforms that educate investors and individuals about different real estate projects are really helpful. An investor gets ample opportunity to survey the market and find out what new offers and hot deals are there. If you too are a real estate enthusiast, prefer taking help of these online platforms. They are surely going to help you get positive results.

Majority of people in Singapore are contacting their property dealers and real estate businessmen in order to set up their business or buy a new place nearby. People dream about purchasing property in Singapore and now these dreams have come true by taking a drastic turn. On an average, 10 in 50 men buy property every day in Singapore to make this a better place.

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