Accidental Shortcuts Discovery with Salam Browser

So, I was looking for…ahem, a method to prevent my son from seeing what he is not supposed to see yet whenever he goes online. You know, as much as I would like to tell you that I’m a sweet angel who does not do naughty things online, it would be a blatant lie. I often watch movies that’s not so children friendly, I visited sites that is not appropriate for kids and you know, I do all sort of naughty stuff and my browsing history isn’t exactly angelic to say the least.

Having a pre-teen kid whom I allow to use the laptop for blogging and browsing purpose, I knew I had to protect his innocent mind from seeing the unseen. Pre-teens are curious creatures. I was a pre-teen once and I knew how out of hands things can be.

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To cut long story short, I stumbled upon this Salam Browser while searching for secured browsing for kids. Reading up reviews, it is a browser that is supposedly children friendly. It is free to download and ensures secure browsing for children by enforcing great security.

Anyway, let’s put technicalities aside. Upon usage, I discovered that Salam Browser gives plenty of useful tips and one of it is keyboard shortcut tips.

Well, despite being married to a system engineer for more than a decade, I’m not quite that literate when it comes to techie stuff. When I browse and do things, it would be the old fashion way, the very useful and mighty mouse.

But now here’s sharing keyboard shortcuts that will make your online life easier, because I know how miserable it can be whenever your mouse goes faulty or when you need to do things at a faster speed.

Common keyboard shortcuts (can also be used on Salam Browser)

1. Open New Tab in browser

2. Close Current Tab

3. Reopen Last Tab Closed
Ctrl + Shift +T

4. View Specific Tab
Don’t clutter your screen with more than 9 tabs opened at once. Minimize distraction. With up to 9 tabs opened jump to a specific tab by holding Ctrl and pressing required tab number
Ctrl+ 1 or Ctrl+ 2 and so on.

Jumping to a specific tab in browser with Ctrl+1, +2, +3… shortcuts
Ctrl+Tab will let you jump on the next tab in the right direction. To go in the opposite directions add Shift.

5. Point mouse cursor into search bar without dragging your mouse there

6. Scroll with Spacebar
If your cursor is not in a text field press Spacebar to scroll down.

7. Jump to the top of the page

Press Home button

8. Open Downloaded Page

9. Browse in Incognito Mode
For extra privacy, use Ctrl+Shift+N

10. Quit Browser Window
Quit Incognito Mode window without clicking on ×. Simply press Ctrl+Q

There, easy-peasy, right? Hope all of you out there benefited from the shortcuts the way I do should you been in the dark about it.

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