Acting out of character


I was bored with homecook food the other day and I was not really keen to eat at those restaurants I usually patronize, and so, my husband drove us to Jalan Alor to hunt for food at 2am in the morning. We were famished, and so we ordered something heavy to eat. We had lala in sweet sour sauce. My husband was praising it to the sky but it was a tad too sour and too eggy for me.


And then there’s this shrimp paste fried chicken( belacan fried chicken) It was yummy and finger licking good. A set of this wasn’t enough and I wished I had ordered more of this to eat.

The meal cost us Rm35,inclusive of the drinks and 3 plates of rice. Quite pricey in my opinion for a late hour meal, but it was satisfactory as the food was good and the portion was more than enough to feed four adults.

Cleffairy: So, if you’re bored of the food you usually had, will you go and hunt for something you don’t usually eat or you will put up with the food that you are bored with?


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