An Evening With Travel Writer’s Association of Malaysia at Hawdramawt Palace KL

I’m a family friendly tourism activist, blogger, social media influencer and a travel writer. One of my raising concern is that it is difficult to convince Malaysians in general to actually engage in domestic travel. More often than not, Malaysians are much more interested to go on holidays oversea rather than explore the interesting places in Malaysia itself. It’s such a waste. Malaysia have a lot to offer in terms of tourism.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Malaysia that you can visit with your family, even if you are on a tight budget. Malaysia is also undeniably rich with cultural diversity and foreign tourist can be seen at touristy spots, learning about Malaysia, but Malaysians themselves lacks interests, and so when my family and I were invited to A Night with Travel Writer’s Association of Malaysia, TRAM at Hadramawt Palace in Jalan Bukit Bintang, we said yes to it. It’s a chance to discuss our concerns regarding the tourism industry in Malaysia.

 photo IMG_15533732140309_zpsf2wtk030.jpeg

Hawdramawt Palace, Kuala Lumpur. Picture courtesy of Mr. Badrulzaman Hanif.

 photo IMG_15473866414536_zpsufpodi29.jpeg

Speech by Editor of Santai Travel Mr. Azli Halim

 photo IMG_15468526415689_zpsrylsv2wx.jpeg

Travel writers spotted chilling out with each other

 photo IMG_15503204280154_zpsd5ctydsi.jpeg

Discussing concerns for tourism industry in Malaysia and making plans on how to attract more domestic travel.

 photo IMG_15438186748841_zpslwaveikb.jpeg

Time for some food

 photo PhotoGrid_1428949703242_zpsddmf9cmn.jpg

Yemeni food served that night.

Belly dancing performance that night that got us all excited.

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Mr. Badrulzaman Hanif posing with the belly dancer.

It was pretty much a laid back and casual event, but it is nice to be able to catch up with fellow travel writers and tourism activists out there who have their own mission when it comes to improving the tourism industry in Malaysia. Thank you Hawdramawt Palace Kuala Lumpur for sponsoring the venue and the delicious food along with highly entertaining performances that night. It was indeed a wonderful opportunity for us travel writers to discuss our mutual concerns.

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