Connected moments

I’m really getting sick and tired getting bullied by little kids. More often than not, I always found myself in strange predicament where I’m tricked or outsmart by little kids.My own son is not an exception in this, and being bullied by a 2 years old kid the other day is my last straw.

Remember the post where I was bullied into buying ice cream for Smallkucing when I was babysitting him just because he sweet talked me into buying it by saying ice cream contains calcium and it will do him good?

Do you still remember that particular post where I was tricked by that little boy and his mummy ended up explaining to me that she fed the boy with milk that contains Gangliosides?

You see, I got rather curious about all those connected tot, gangliosides and braincells connections and stuff. Well, I had some free time on hand today, and therefore, I did some homework and googled about it and found this interesting video about a child who is ‘connected’.

The video is all about a mother-child moment where the mother has just came back from doing groceries. She then proceed to ask her daughter to help her put up a note on the fridge by using a magnet after explaining to the little girl that magnet would stick to metal. Then out of the sudden, the keys fell down under the fridge and the mother failed to retrieve it.

The video is a cliffhanger, though… if you want to know the ending, you got to click the option and guess how the child help the mother to retrieve the keys. :D

If you guessed it right, you’d see how a connected child thinks. If you don’t, you’ll be given an option to try again.

Anyway, I’m sure most of you are ‘connected’ enough to guess it correctly, and this video is not just for you mummy and daddies out there, but it’s also for your little tots to watch.

You can show this to your child and make him or her guess how the little girl in the video can help her mother retrieve the keys that’s fallen down under the fridge.

For more information on the importance of Gangliosides in young children’s development and examples of connected children who can apply what they had learn in their daily lives, kindly head over HERE and brace yourself for more connected moments. :D

Cleffairy: ‘Connected’ children are not just children who knows how to memorize, follow instruction and merely parrot your words, but children who can think creatively out of the box and utilize the knowledge in his or her daily lives.


  1. Starsecrets says:

    Walao… that vid… the mommy so irresponsible… ask the little girl to help her take things from under the fridge… later get electrocuted, how? OMG!!!

  2. Cheeyee says:

    The best of course breast milk la…. my 2.5 yo son still not yet tasted any formula milk yet. 🙂

    Btw, I think “connected children” is a bit misleading here. We feel connected to another person through love and bonding, not about the braincells connected or not.

      • Cheeyee says:

        All these advertisement from formula milk, say make the child more smart, more creative bla bla bla, where got proof one? And how do you know? It’s not that after 3 months can tell that kind of thing.

        And what so good about smart, if the children do not know how to respect, be kind to people?

        • smallkucing says:

          agree on the part on respecting people. Still boiling pasal those rich “Connected” brats that had too much milk and not enough manners. People kasi angpau pandang pun tak pandang. Let alone say Thank You. So busy with their “Connected” world. Asyik playing PC aje till dont know manner.

          Haiz…if only there is any milk in this world that can make those kid “connected” be more “connected” in having good manners kan bagus.

  3. Alice Law says:

    LOL, how I wish I’m ‘connected’ too! Old liao lar~!

    My girl is drinking cheap milk(Dutch Lady 123) also sounds connected (to me), some times ago she prompted me to let her taste my Coke by telling me, “You don’t drink so much lar, share with me else you’ll get Diabetes!”O_o

    I guess it’s this generation of kids very smart kot( Lebih exposure liao mar)?!

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