In honour of the World Book Day 2010, I’ll be away on my writing and reading retreat from 23rd -30th April 2010 with some Malaysian and some friends who came from oversea.

All entries from 23rd April onwards are all pre-scheduled. Any gossips, comments or even lunatic raving towards me will be entertained as soon as I can or when I’m back from my literary retreat. Email me if you urgently need me. Thank you.

Cleffairy: Quanto tempo è stato da quando c’è ne di voi hanno preso un libro e lo hanno letto lavorare all’estremità, o è esso, libri è maledetto per essere dimenticato in questa era?

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    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… why not fun? LOL… most of the time my entries oso not really in sync with time wan. LOL..

      Well, not that long lah, until 30th only. on and off I’ll be online oso… just wun be doing much bloghop or comment, cuz time limited.

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