Attractions in Bentong: Old School Kopitiams

During my most recent trip to Bentong, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with my friends cum co-host, Kos Serani and Irene while my husband and son continues to sleep in til our check out time.

 photo 20160131_110153_zps0flc403p.jpg

Unlike the regular breakfast joints in the city where the breakfast is pretty heavy and rather elaborated, the breakfast menu in most kopitiams in Bentong is quite simple and very basic.

 photo 20160131_110717_zps8driatgg.jpg

Drinks for the three of us, Kopi O Ais, Kopi Ais and Teh O Ais. Basically they are the regular plain iced coffees and iced tea. But looks can be rather receiving. These beverages are thick and rich.

 photo 20160131_111439_zpscxa7zs5m.jpg

Plain toast with the option of kaya and butter or butter and sugar. Feeling rather queasy, I opt for a set of toasted breast smothered in just salted butter. Kos and Irene had half boiled eggs to go with their toasts earlier too and they assured me that it was simply sensational.

 photo 20160131_123756_zpsmcasay6n.jpg

The damage on our pocket that morning? Less than RM10 for 3 pax. And the experience of going back to basic and chilling out with friends without having to rush for work while watching as the world goes by around you? Priceless. This is definitely one of the things that you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in Bentong.

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