Attractions in Bentong: The Wet Market&Morning Market

I’m not a morning person but when I was in Bentong with my family and co-hosts, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to explore the small town for the world, even though I felt like something the cat dragged in.

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I was informed that the wet market is very famous in Bentong. I’m not a huge fan of the wet market though. So instead of making my way into the market, I went to the Morning Market with my friends Kos and Irene instead.

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The difference between the wet market and the morning market is that the wet market is indoor and selling wet kind of groceries items, while the morning market is outdoor, selling all sort of goodies ranging from food to clothings and trinkets.

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Handbags are sold at ridiculously low price here in the morning market.

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The famous local produce, Bentong Ginger spotted.

 photo 20160131_102025_zpsw6wnr5t3.jpg

The ginger from Bentong said to be much more huge and spicier than the ordinary ginger found elsewhere with higher medicinal values.

 photo 20160131_102135_zpscsacdxbs.jpg

Decorative plants being sold for Chinese New Year.

 photo 20160131_102124_zpsl2ve12wf.jpg

Exotic pitcher plant spotted being sold at the morning market. I was informed that these plants can be used to make lemang, some sort of glutinous rice delicacy.

The morning market is about 800 meters long and have all kinds of everything on sale. It is almost as lively as Bentong Walk at night, minus the karaoke competitions and activities for children. Things are generally cheap over here and we spent about 1 hour over there buying things as momentos before heading back to the hotel.

While morning and I are almost a nemesis and I am usually never human before 1pm, I’m glad I went to explore the morning market. It is certainly different and much more fun than hunting for goods in shopping malls.

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