Attractions in Bentong: Valley Agro Park

Valley Agro Park is basically an agro park that consists of; farm, fish pond, restaurant and chalet and is a very laid back place where you can just forget about the hustle and the bustle of the city.

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My family and I stayed there for 2D1N for our little Mother’s Day weekend getaway and I must say that it is one of the most relaxing experience that I ever had.

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It is beautiful place with a laidback fantasy comes to life.

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Plenty of charming and romantic spots here.

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My husband and I went boating for a little while over there during our first day.

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But boating requires too much energy so we decided that the floating gazebo is much more relaxing.

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After that we climbed up the treehouse for some birdwatching before we began exploring the place further.

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Here in Valley Agro Park, you will never grow hungry. Food are actually everywhere. Valley Agro Park actually promotes sustainable living where there’s both vegetable farm, edible plants and fishing pond where you can catch fishes to make them your meals.

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Vegetables freshly plucked from Valley Agro Park

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Promegranate plant

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Dragonfruit plants

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Ripened fruits spotted everywhere and it is free for plucking.

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The owner of Valley Agro Park showing us around.

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And here’s their locally grown Spanish Lychees.

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We helped ourselves to the fleshy and satisfying fruit, before tagging along with the owner to find some honey and pollen to be eaten directly from the beehive.

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Owner of Valley Agro Park, showing us and harvesting bee pollen for us.

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Spotting bee pollen to be eaten on the spot.

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Bee pollen. Unlike honey, these bee pollen tasted fruity and sourish and leaves quite a long aftertaste on the tongue.

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Famously running as a restaurant, Valley Agro Park has it’s own fishing pond.

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And here’s the workers netting some fishes for our meals.

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Catching fishes

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Huge fishes, ready to be sent to the kitchen.

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And here’s the chalet part of the Valley Agro Park. The accomodation is pretty much back to nature style. While there are higher ends room with water heater and air cond, we opt for the most basic room to stay for the night. Our host has graciously offered us the biggest room with full amnesties like air cond and water heater, but we politely declined and asks for the basic room instead as we wanted to experience Vallay Agro Park the way it’s intended to be; back to nature style.

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An intimate Queen sized bedroom with additional mattress for our son.

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The bathroom was ensuite. It was very basic and clean.

 photo IMG_8839_zpsut41rvnb.jpg

The room comes with a window and a fantastic view.

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Breathtaking view from our window at night. I may have trouble sleeping every other night but I slept like a baby here in Valley Agro Park and actually overslept and missed breakfast.

Our 2D1N getaway in Valley Agro Park is nothing but amazing. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and this is definitely one of the best eco tourism trip that we ever partake in.

For more information on Valley Agro Park, please refer to the information below.

Website :
Facebook :
Address : PT44, KM13, Mukim Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia.

Contact : +6019-228 9152 ( 11:30am – 09:30pm )

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