Attractions in Bentong: Bee Farm & Bee Museum

This is a continuation of my Cuti Cuti Malaysia #Dekatje Visit Bentong project. While the place I’ll be talking about is not exactly geographically located in Bentong, it is pretty much a place that is located nearby. Located in between the small town of Raub and Bentong, Valley Agro Park is actually famous locally for being a must visit attraction should you visit Bentong, Pahang.

Valley Agro Park consists of a few attractions on it’s own, which are the chalets, the Bee Farm and Bee Museum, the restaurant and the fishing pond. It is a perfect place for an eco escapade but if you are looking for something sweetly educational, try visiting the Bee Farm and the Bee Museum, located in the vicinity of Valley Agro Park.

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The Bee Farm and the Bee Museum is pretty much unique and houses stingless bees that produce honey with unique taste.

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The Bee Museum

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Entrance to the bee farm.

The bees that we visited were all stingless bees. Yay to that.

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We get to see plenty of beehives where stingless bees goes about their daily lives, collecting honey from plants and flowers around them.

Attractions in Bentong: Bee Museum

Mr.Clifford, telling us about the bees and their complex but systematic communities.

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This is the house of the bees

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Bees at the entrance of their hive in a tree bark

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The beehive

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Harvesting honey, straight from the hive. Each of the pods contains honey with different taste characteristics.

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Owner of Valley Agro Park, showing us and harvesting bee pollen for us on the second day of our stay.

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Spotting bee pollen to be eaten on the spot.

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Bee pollen. Unlike honey, these bee pollen tasted fruity and sourish and leaves quite a long aftertaste on the tongue.

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A cold and sweet treat for a sultry evening

 photo 20160508_111403_zpsmpydwbcf.jpg

Two bottles of stingless bees honey as a souvenir.

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