Attractions in Sekinchan: The Wishing Tree, Pantai Redang

If you are a shutterbug and is looking for an instaworthy place in Sekinchan apart from the paddy fields, you might want to head over to Pantai Redang.


Not to be mistaken with the famous Redang Island in Terengganu, Pantai Redang is a hidden beach in Sekinchan with plenty of seafood restaurants around. If you visit Pantai Redang at about 7.00 pm, you may see a beautiful sunset, but Pantai Redang is not exactly popular because of the seafood restaurants or the sunset, but because of it’s Wishing Tree.


Those who would like to tell their fortune or have a wish to make can come and offer prayers to the deities at a small temple here at Pantai Redang.


A girl spotted praying at the small temple.


Once prayers is offerered, wishes can be made by writing on a red ribbon that’s tied to an ancient Chinese coin.


And wish makers will have to throw the ribbon that’s tied to the coin up onto the tree and let it dangle there for the wish to come true. It is said that the higher the ribbon with the coin dangled on the tree, the higher chance the wishes made will come true.


I don’t know how wishes can come ttue by making a wish this way, but it’s sure fun to see others making wishes like that. Here’s one for the album.

Attractions in Sekinchan, Selangor: The Wishing Tree

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-11-02.

And here’s my travelogue for my visit to the Wishing Tree at Pantai Redang.

To get to Pantai Redang from town, turn right when you reach T-junction in Bagan. Drive all the way, you will be passing through fishing village, Jiann Chyi and Guan Hwat restaurants, a Chinese temple on your left until you see a sign with Pantai Redang, turn left. The left turn is right before a Malay eatery. Follow the road until the end and keep right. Then you will see Pantai Redang. Alternatively, just Waze it.

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