Autism Speaks! World Autism Awareness Day.


April is not just about fooling each other silly. Nor it’s about me going into a crazy frenzy writing some nonsense script that may end up forgotten in my HDD a few years later. April is also about Autism. Today is 2nd April 2009, and I’m more than sure that a lot of you out there are not even aware of the significance this date holds.

2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day. Some of you may not know what autism is all about and maybe do not give a damn about it. This article will not be as interesting as watching someone camwhoring or bitch about things that goes wrong in their life. This too, will not be as fun as getting involved in some silly pillow fight.

Most of you out there may wonder why I even bother wasting my precious time writing something that I myself think that people would yawn as they read. Well, I have to say, this certain behavioral disorders like autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, spastic are something that is close to home, and to my heart. this issue is something very personal to me.

Autism  is something every single married couple with children and planning to have children should know and understand about. Your child may have autism or autism tendency and you may not know about it, and passing these special and gifted children as retard and incapable of learning. Parents with children who have communication problems or their physical development seems to be impeded sometimes passed off their child as slow learners, but what they do not know is that their child have this condition known as autism.

So, what is autism, you ask me…well, allow me to elaborate:

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person’s lifetime. It is part of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Today, 1 in 150 individuals is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social groups and is four times more likely to strike boys than girls. Autism impairs a person’s ability to communicate and relate to others. It is also associated with rigid routines and repetitive behaviors, such as obsessively arranging objects or following very specific routines. Symptoms can range from very mild to quite severe.

Autism spectrum disorders can usually be reliably diagnosed by age 3, although new research is pushing back the age of diagnosis to as early as 6 months. Parents are usually the first to notice unusual behaviors in their child or their child’s failure to reach appropriate developmental milestones. Some parents describe a child that seemed different from birth, while others describe a child who was developing normally and then lost skills. Pediatricians may initially dismiss signs of autism, thinking a child will “catch up,” and may advise parents to “wait and see.” New research shows that when parents suspect something is wrong with their child, they are usually correct. If you have concerns about your child’s development, don’t wait: speak to your pediatrician about getting your child screened for autism.

If your child is diagnosed with autism, early intervention is critical to gain maximum benefit from existing therapies. Although parents may have concerns about labeling a toddler as “autistic,” the earlier the diagnosis is made, the earlier interventions can begin. Currently, there are no effective means to prevent autism, no fully effective treatments, and no cure. Research indicates, however, that early intervention in an appropriate educational setting for at least two years during the preschool years can result in significant improvements for many young children with autism spectrum disorders. As soon as autism is diagnosed, early intervention instruction should begin. Effective programs focus on developing communication, social, and cognitive skills.

I took great pains this morning to watch MHI that’s aired on TV3 just to hear their guest of the day, someone from NASOM- Malaysia National Autism&Spastic Organization. NASOM is an organization that provide screening and behavioural theraphies for autistic and spastic for some disgusting amount of money. (yeah, their treatments and theraphies are not free).

MHI broadcasted what NASOM fellers do, and from the bottom of my heart, I am extremely dissapointed to find that these creeps treat autistic children like retards who are incapable of learning. Most children who are autistic are usually very good in maths, and yet they do not concentrate on these special children’s ability and make effort to expand their capabilities in maths. Children who are spastic seems to be looked down upon by the professionals in NASOM and they are labeled as a disabled, though the actual fact is the other way around. The children there are not taught like normal children, and they are forced to learn at a very slow pace and consequently, effectively stopping their inquiring mind to learn and ask more question about their surrounding.

These children are only thought to be independent, not educating them the way they should be doing. They are treated like Down Syndrome kids. Autistic and spactic children, whether they are smart or not, they are labeled as retard, and counsellings and brainwashing session are provided to parents to force the parents to slow their children down. Religious talks on how parents should accept God’s plans and will and treat these children like retards are thrown in for good measure. Parents are actually told it is all right to label their child as a retard that’s incapable of learning.

Fuck it, why does Malaysian have to do everything the wrong way? I’ve seen how Singaporean and European treat autistic, spastic and ADHD children. They treated these kids like a genius and make effort to improve their behaviour and learning abilities. Conductive environment are prepared for these children. They concentrated on these children’s talentst, such as maths, music, arts at an early stage. Therapies are develop to stimulate their brain activities. As a result, most of their autistic, spastic as well as ADHD children end up excelling in their life and most are specialized in area that they are good at.

Most of you might not know this, but Albert Einstein was an autistic child too. Look how he end up? He ended up a genius because his mother, Pauline Einstein refused to let people around him treat Einstein like a retard the way people do in Malaysia. Einstein was raised like a genius despite of his communication problems during his early childhood years.

Tom Cruise, yeah, that handsome hunk who acted in Mission impossible was a special child too. He was an ADHD child, and look where he ended up? He ended up being very good in acting and is a movie star adored by many.

I think Malaysia is totally, completely screwed, because we could actually have a lot of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Tom Cruise in the making, and yet those children are categorized as retards who are incapable of learning and they restrict these children from advancing by just teaching them to take care of themselves, and nothing else. These children are treated like a nuisance while in truth, they are diamond in the rough.

I do not expect anyone to answer or even comment to this article, but I hope married couples with kids and without kids out there could keep in mind that if they ever have a child  or relatives who are autistic, spastic or even ADHD, please do keep in mind that these children are actually intelligent in their own ways. They are different or have troubles communicating because they are gifted in certain ways, and it’s your  responsibilities to improve them intellectually. Never ever treat them like a retard who are incapable of learning, because if you do that, you will loose an Einstein in the making!

Cleffairy: God is fair. Because some children are gifted in certain ways, God takes away some of their other abilities or make them slower in that area to be fair to others. Do you a guys agree with my statement?


  1. calvin says:

    and tom cruise is handsome too…..except for his humongous nose…lol.

    our govt is specialized in treating special people as OKU. all they ever do for OKU are special parking spaces lar, special event for this lar, that lar….that’s all our govt would do. i visited an autism centre in ktn once and blogged about them before. they are just cool people….and yes, they are brilliant in maths.

    i’m just so sick about mentioning our govt. cant they all just fall down and die….just a thought. wouldnt want them putting me into ISA, now would i?? *grins*

  2. cleffairy says:

    Calvin… lol… Tom Cruise had me swooning over him in the teenage years. LMAO…

    Tom darling aside, back to autistic matters. Yeah, I remembered that you blogged about them. I actually admire all these people. there are children who only have mild autism, and yet they are treated completely like OKu, this is not fair, you know? I am bemoaning the fact that everyone with special abilities that lack communication skills are treated like some retards. It’s just not right. I am normal, and yet I couldn’t even do maths properly to save my life! WTF! (neway, those kids you visited in Kuantan mostly are spastic, not everyone of em are autistic…)

    I’m telling you, Calvin. If one do not have a special child with such condition, like autism, spastic or even ADHD, one will never understand how it feels like to have a brilliant child’s ability being oppressed just because the society stereotype these talented children as such! FUCK em!

  3. Depcladbala says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  4. Meena says:

    Thank you for your wonderful article. I think my daughter is autistic, but no one believes me. I truly agree that they are very gifted. I was actually looking for a place to diagnose my daughter but thank God you saved me. I was thinking of going to NASOM for help.
    Terrific effort.

  5. Roaming Thots says:

    Is there such an organization, Malaysia National Autism&Spastic Organization? It know NASOM which is the National Autism Society, and they did a great job on my son who is autistic, unable to talk but is now stringing up sentences. Never were we parents “counselled” on religion as they respect our individual minds and I have personally seen these kids going to school together with other normal peers.

    I wish people like you will not blog about things that you don’t know enough and create a web of suspicion, hate and anxiety. NOT all autistic children have special talents although some (about 2%) may have savant skills. Some may even lose their savant skills along the way to normalcy. Yes, I believe every child including special kids are gifts from God, and I take exception to you hitting on servants of God who are trying their best to help these kids. They may not be perfect in their skills or approaches, but they are definitely doing much more for these kids as compared with arm chair bloggers like you that seek out their faults and discourage and dishearten their noble efforts.

  6. ehmm says:

    Was doing my homework on autism since my son just got diagnosed–agree completely with what you said. My son do have difficulties, but he has his talents too. I found the Early Autism Projest which offers therapy for kids with autism which charge a bomb (but I have to admit they are good, and handle kids really well), so cannot really afford their most recommended programme–but we are trying whatever we can. The thing that many people still dont understand is that, Autism Spectrum DIsorder is soooooo huge–from mildly autistic and high functioning to severely autistic with mental retardation. Its not a one-fit-all kind of thing. Each child is different. Sure, we have to accept what God has blessed us with, but that does not mean we have to sit back and do nothing! That doesnt work either! On the whole, I thought your writing was refreshing, though I am still apalled that the govrenment is really not doing anything much about kids with autism–and I mean providing more services, help, information, setting up FUNCTIONAL centres, etc.
    Just frustrating.

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