Beautiful Island Escapade: On the Hills Of Luxury at Shahzan Villa, Tioman

Once upon a time, I was a novelist. I write novels of romantic nature. Some are of fantasy genre. There are 32 of them in total. But right now, after years of writing novels and creating characters and worlds that I’ll miss by the time I ended the story, I go on hiatus. You can say that I’m having a nasty case of author’s block and I want nothing to do with writing novels anymore. Well, at least not for the moment. I will write stories, yes. But not a full blown 500 pages of novel. It would be too much for me at the moment. You have no idea how it feels like each time you write ‘the end’. Unlike other forms of writing, noveling is different. Each time I write a story, everything it the story feels so real. And crazy as it might sound, sometimes I fall in love with my characters as well and ending a story and saying goodbye can be rather painful and heartbreaking. It is like a huge part of you have died.

Anyway, going on a hiatus does not mean that I don’t miss going on writing retreat in beautiful and inspiring places. I don’t live in the lap of luxury, but I’ve experienced how it is like to stay on the hill of luxury, literally during my recent trip to Tioman Island with my family.

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Presenting to you, the magnificent Shahzan Villa in Berjaya Tioman Resort. The luxurious Shahzan Villa is arguably the most expensive villa in Tioman and it nestled majestically on top of a hill in Tioman Island. The villa is equipped with a cable car access to it and it is said to be the favourite lodging choice for the members of Pahang royal family, especially His Majesty the Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang. This place reminds me so much of one of my fantasy novel, ‘ Time Tempest’, where the main character lives in a mansion overlooking the sea.

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Seeing Shahzan Villa is like seeing my story coming alive. Nestled on the hill and overlooking the sea, the Chinese believes that this Shahzan Villa have a very good Fengshui and would bring prosperity and good luck to those who stays here. Facing West, Shahzan Villa offers beautiful sunset view and is great for those who wants a secluded, novel- like experience retreat with their loved ones.

 photo 20161022_063623_zpsf5zsbrtx.jpg

Dawn from the balcony of Shahzan Villa. It was a bit gloomy the morning we were there, but the view was still breathtaking with Renggis Island in sight.

Dawn from Shahzan Villa, Berjaya Tioman Resort

Watch the video to get a better idea how it looks like from Shahzan Villa.

Shahzan Villa boasts 5 beautifully romantic rooms, livingrooms, dining area and the kitchen.

 photo FB_IMG_1478025386916_zpsf3lolrzz.jpg

Here’s the living room

 photo FB_IMG_1478025396056_zpssxuahwbl.jpg

Dining room

 photo BeautyPlus_20161102030314_save_zpsbgxl5bhi.jpg

The rooms in Shahzan Villa offers a very romantic ambiance with views overlooking the sea.

 photo IMG_0991_zpsmvvlkwqr.jpg

Perfect for a romantic interlude, I must say.

 photo IMG_0996_zpsbmbllb9i.jpg

One of the rooms in the Shahzan Villa.

 photo IMG_0979_zpsmp0sqtkm.jpg

Another room in Shahzan Villa

Shahzan Villa is perfect for a quiet retreat. It also makes a perfect lodging for a destination wedding’s lodging or a shooting location. One night in Shahzan Villa will cost you MYR25,000 with full butler service and MYR12,000 with no butler service.

For more information and booking inquiries for Shahzan Villa, head over here:

Pic credit to: Adam Lau, Malaysianfoodie and Raja Sheril

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