Book a Ride with Gojo E-Hailing For A Safer Journey Experience with Better Value For Your Ringgits

It’s 1st September 2021 as of writing and Malaysia is still battling with Covid19 crisis that hits the nation’s shore about two years back, give or take. 2 years is a long time, and no one in this country is spared from the backlash of the long, gruesome battle. Many have lost their lives, suffered economic development and growth and not to mention a huge numbers of others were forced into poverty due to being jobless.

However, despite the terrible economic weather and landscape, the E-hailing company Gojo has successfully thrive against all odds. They has recently celebrated their first anniversary despite a challenging journey caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in several lockdowns.

SBS Pradeep Kumar, COO of Gojo Malaysia said “Gojo did not make a fuss but rather grew quietly and steadily over the past one year. There was great support from drivers and customers alike with 175k downloads, making Gojo the fastest growing company in Malaysia. During this pandemic, E-hailing drivers have suffered from lower income and thus deserve a fair pricing system for their services. To this end GOJO is the only 2nd Ehailing company in Malaysia to establish a dynamic fair pricing system that benefits drivers and customers.”

“Today’s customers understand E-hailing services very well and Gojo strives to safeguard that understanding and relationship.” SBS Pradeep Kumar, COO of Gojo Malaysia

In order to commemorate the first anniversary and Merdeka day, Gojo offered a bonus of RM250 to all its drivers on September 1, hoping that this will somewhat help and encourage the drivers to face the challenging days ahead.

In the course of its first year in operation, Gojo has offered discounted rates for vaccination rides, lockdown offers and safety technology features like facial recognition alerts, etc.

Gojo aims to continue to march ahead in this challenging times with strategies that are beneficial to both, customers and drivers, with ethical market practices.

If you’re a passenger and have yet to use Gojo’s service and looking for E-hailing service that takes care good care of both yourselves and the drivers’ welfare, you might want to download for a safer journey experience with better value for your Ringgits

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