Bookworms birthday party

I could never be a food blogger. I have the tendency to think with my stomach rather than my camera whenever I see good food. And I tend to get distracted by yakking non-stop with my friends at gatherings. On top of that, I don’t bother to remember restaurant’s name and the dishes served before me. Do I need to mention that my photography skill is horrible as well?

Food blogger I’m not. But I do enjoy good food with good companions. And last Friday, I did just that. It’s April again. Two of my blogger friends, Mamarazzi and Mommyling were born in this month. And so, we decided to celebrate Mamarazzi and Mommyling’s birthday. It was really a happy occasion.

The whole bookworm gang was there. Littlemermy and kids, Littlesprouts’s family, Mommyling, and of course, Smallkucing and his family were there too. We went to a restaurant somewhere in Sungai Buloh to stuff our faces.

So…what did we had? Oh yea…we had these…


Super spicy fish curry with tofu pok and assorted veggies.

Buttered squid…lol…I know they ordered this for my benefit…lol…*blush blush*.


Claypot tofu for the kids and those who can’t eat spicy food.


Lemon chicken. Sorry for the awful presentation…it’s not the restaurant’s fault, I assure you. I only remembered to take the picture when we’re half way munching on these. Yeah… i always blame my stomach for my…forgetfulness.


Yummylicious fried kangkung fried in belacan. Loved this one to bits.But the portion was really large. We couldn’t finish this.


Claypot Lou Shu Fen. Literally translated as mouse tail Noodle? LOL. I have no idea why it’s called mouse tail noodles. Please don’t ask me why. Huge portion, and the mousies had to follow one of us home too. I couldn’t remember who, though. LOL!


Salted egg crabs. Meaty with loads of roe. The portion was really huge. We couldn’t finish it, and the crabs had to follow Mamarazzi and Smallkucing to their house so that they can be safely tucked into their tummy later. LOL!


Smallkucing and birthday girl Mamarazzi, smiling from ear to ear. They look really happy, don’t they?


Another birthday girl, Mommyling and her sweet little girl, Little E.


They really can’t stop smiling. And for a very good reason too.


These are the reasons…the many birthday cakes…. There was homemade chocolate fondant and tiramisu cupcake, courtesy of Littlemermy and Mamasprouts. Better than the ones bought in the bakeries, and the ladybirds flew into the kids’ mouth as soon as the candles were blown out. πŸ˜›

πŸ˜€ I didn’t manage to get Littlesprouts’s family’s picture, though. I was too busy enjoying the good food. (Ahemm… can any of you ladies let me harvest the pic from FB, please?)


Steamed cake made by Mamarazzi and Smallkucing for me to take home. *blush blush* Mamarazzi knew that I had the tendency of being hungry a few hours after eating, hence, she often give me some food to bring back each time we eat together.


Bread pudding made by Mommyling for us to take home. This one is to die for. Love it very much!

There’s not only cakes and puddings for us to bring home after our little party. Mamarazzi gave me some books she managed to snatch up for me during her fortnightly excursion to the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Program.

Knowing that I couldn’t go to those book exchange session because I’m always hooked with classes on Sundays, she grabbed some books that she thinks that I will like. I was really touched. Mamarazzi was so kind that she kept me in her thoughts wherever she goes.


Fantasy books…given to me by Mamarazzi


Romanc, my favourite genreimage

And more romance…borrowed from Mamasprout*blush*. My friends really knows me well.



And more fiction for me to indulge myself with.

Who can complain when there’s good friend, good food, and good books? I certainly can’t. I enjoyed my time with the ladies and the kids immensely.

Cleffairy: Thank you for the lovely evening, ladies. πŸ˜€


  1. Alice Law says:

    Thank you for the wonderful night too! The food are certainly good with exorbitant portion. Considering the amount of dishes Kat ordered, it’s pretty cheap too!

  2. claire says: much goodies!!! The crabs…gosh….how I missed those!! This is a gathering to look forward to… so much food, desserts and pressies!!

  3. cheeyee says:

    Thank you ladies for the wonderful night! I enjoy myself very much. πŸ™‚ Hey next time lets just do potluck. I miss the curry chicken, fried meehon! :p

    Btw now I read the name for Loh Shu Fen – mouse tail noodle, I wonder is it because my boy is born in the year of mouse, he adore the noodle! Hahaha. Keep on asking me to refill for him. .

  4. Yee Ling says:

    Thanks for coming all the way from the hustle bustle city to a quiet village to celebrate our birthday!!!! Actually I didn’t taste the bread pudding and I hope it’s not too sweet.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahahahaha…of course have to celebrate for you. πŸ˜€ But horr, so pelik… lain orang bday, lain orang get sumbat-ed cake and goodies. LOL! Nah…. the bread pudiing is so nice… not enuff lerr, anak and I baham… all gone in minutes… including your green rolled up panckes. LOL!

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