Just get rid of them!

Letting go and giving up can’t always be a bad thing, especially whenever parasites of a friend is concerned. No point getting sentimental over such relationship, especially when people do not have the same sentiment about it as you do. What good does it give you in the end of the day? Only troubles, and more troubles. Such friends are like stinking rubbish in your home. The longer you keep them around, the stinkier your house would smell!

I would give up a friend who knows nothing but parasite around and trying to take advantage of me in every single way they can instead of keeping a good relationship with them.

It’s a complete waste of time cuz they expects so much of you and yet don’t even have an ounce of respect towards you and your entire family. Why should you keep such people in your life? Life is too short to waste on such nuisance.

I’ve met and seen people who orders their friends about and have no respect whatsoever towards people around them. And just because they are a so and so in their own circle, they expects everyone to give them some degree of respect.

Such swine should really be put to sleep, in my opinion. They are good for nothing but bloodsucking and behaving like someone who lacks paternal knowledge.

I have no qualms getting rid or such obnoxious creature. Wonder why some people are naive enough to let themselves be used to the point the public would label them unhelpful and uncooperative whenever they declined those swine’s request to use them.

Cleffairy: Thank God most of my personal friends befriended me because they just want to be my friend and not because they think I could be useful for whatever conniving plans they have in mind.


  1. suituapui says:

    Thank goodness I have such wonderful friends, no parasites…or at least, none that I know of. Well, in the Bible, it is said: “Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.”

  2. small Kucing says:

    Talking about me ke? Me bodek for curry Chicken only wor.

    Anyway, some are like that. Take advantage when they think they can. What to do? For me, if kena 1 time I close one eye. Twice still close one eyes. But if always the same thing…it’s better to be “Hi and Bye” kinda friend lor.

    • 101 christian dating says:

      Aiyaks… why la termakan cili pulak? Where got tok about u wan. LOL… u always sumbat me food wan worr, mana berani tok bout u? later kena racun or u bomoh my food matilah me! LOL… no la… tok about some swine. Agree la…first time kena, ok lor… nvm la… second time kena, still nvm la… third time, fourth time, still so stupid meh? Hi and bye kinda friend cukupla… tak payah layan banyak sangat… waste time and buat sakit hati aje.

      • small Kucing says:

        Pasal bomoh bomoh tu gua tak tau buat. Not like some people who say religious and yet visit all these bomoh thingy.

        Anyway…the secret is Oyster sauce la…told u already …taruk oyster sauces…sure sedap liao.

        No need sakit hati la. U sakit hati people will stay the same. Habit already. Chinese say 3 yrs also already sudah tentu their perangai till 80 years old.

        Ang moh cakap what old fox no change skin or something like that la. I lupa liao the peribahasa.

        You bising also no point as their attitude will stay the same. It’s ingrain in their manner and life already. Best method is to avoid these people like a plague lo. Stay friend but the type hi and bye type cukup la.

        • 101 christian dating says:

          Exactly.. tak payahlah simpan this kind of friend… macam sampah… buat busuk rumah aje. Nasib baik horr… my friends mostly guai guai wan… kawan wif me not becoz wanna guna me, but sincere wan. If not… ishh… dono la!

          • small Kucing says:

            I wanna guna u ah….ahem ahem….buat review kekekekeke….

            and durian orchard leh….

            You should be honored coz got people wanna use you. Otherwise, you are considered as useless lor. Then can habis manis, sepah can buang lor.

            In business, the business associates can be like that. Friends can be like that, relatives also can be like that. But the most dangerous are those that you is close to you

            • 101 christian dating says:

              Cis… honoured kepala bapak… this kind is the case oso tiap tiap kali habis madu sepah dibuang… worst part is that sometimes, ppl tak serik serik, biar aje ppl guna. Ishhhh! *shake head*

              Wan review ah? Can ah… durian orchard oso can, tunggu I make scandal dulu, den i kojol liao u can get durian orchard. LOL!

  3. small Kucing says:

    many like that one la. WHatever lo. Some people cincai like my hubby he will close one eyes and say maybe the people got reason to do that leh. So have to give some allowance lo

    • 101 christian dating says:

      *shakes head* Men… memang macam tu. Cincai sangat. Ur hubby same like mine la… too murah hati… biar aje… say ppl got their reason la, bla bla bla… kena tikam until berdarah, baru lah nak merengek sakit!

  4. cheeyee says:

    Thank god I don’t have this kind of friend. Btw If friends we still can say avoid la, but let say if they are more than just friend but part of the family then how to get rid?

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