Brida by Paulo Coelho review

“Sweetie, I know you like a book. When things get rough, you’d bury yourself with your work or books, as if they’re going to save you.”

Somebody told me that before, but I couldn’t seems to recall who told me that. I just remember that he is a man. Probably my grandfather…or my father… or maybe one of my uncles-worst, he could have been Perry White from The New Adventures of Superman.

I thought the one who told me this was wrong, but apparently, the person who quoted this knew me more than I knew myself. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but the man was right. When things gets a little rough in my life, I try to bury myself with work… because that sort of stress and tension, is much more manageable. It’s just like sadness and anger. I find it easier to be angry than sad, because I can handle being angry, but I can’t really handle being sad or depressed.

Anyway, things are a little bit rough in my life at the moment…you know… considering it’s long holiday and there’s a lot of family occasion is going on. I fell into that workaholic pattern unfailingly, and I get really jittery when I have nothing to do to distract myself with.

Today is a very slow Saturday. Time seems to crawl. And worst… I found myself with nothing to do but wallow! (Cuz my characters refused to talk to me and if they are, they’re trying to make me their personal slave… forget I said that, I’m crazy, I know).

Then I browsed for something to read, and much to my pleasure, I found ‘Brida by Paulo Coelho’. Gosh… I’ve been searching high and low for this book. So I downloaded the book and read it quickly.

This is my first time reading Paulo Coelho’s book. He’ came highly recommended by Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi and Manglish, and so… I thought I’d try reading something light from him.

Brida… as I know… is nothing like his other books. Brida is a light and easy read. It’s a very intriguing love story.

Brida tells the story of young girl who is seemingly naïve, but she is neither naïve nor lacking in intellect, since she has had a few incarnations, in which she knew a lot about being a witch. Brida is a beautiful, ambitious, and successful person, and she has a very supportive boyfriend, Lorenz. The story takes place in Ireland during 1983 and 1984.

The story opens with Brida telling Magus that she wants to learn magic. What Brida doesn’t know at that moment is that she is Magus’s soul mate. This she will find out toward the end of the book together with who she is and what the deeper meaning in her life is, by getting transported to a parallel universe and through other supernatural experiences.

Who will Brida end up with? With a man who is not her soul mate, or with her soul mate? I’m not going to spoil the story for you, but this is a story about the conflict within all of us to be with someone whom we have known since long, or to be with someone whom we have known for a lesser time but who touches our heart more or to just leave everything and submit ourselves to a solitary life.

Very good read. My kind of story. Anyone out there want a a pdf copy of this book to browse through before buying? Well, email me at [email protected] or leave a comment here and I’ll email it to you.

Brida is available at major bookstores and online bookstores, if you’re wondering where to get Brida by Paulo Coelho.

Cleffairy: Nothing else could let me fly to the sky like a good book could.


  1. suituapui says:

    E-book? No, thanks… I just can’t get used to reading things on the screen. Editing…have to print out to do that. Not eco-friendly, wasting paper but no choice. And eyes can’t stand looking at screen either…gets tired very fast. Old man, I guess.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah… you print out to edit? I find it easier to do it on screen… LOL.. (cis… I’m quite dependent on spell-checker. tsk… someone shud rotan me!)

      I like ebook…well… I guess depends on which kind of book… if mystery, I prefer ebook… if romance, i prefer the good old traditional ones… the one I could read on the sofa or bed.

  2. Dhara says:

    i agree wid u ..Brida is not a good one like other books of Paulo Cohelo…
    “witchcraft” theme didn’t appeal me..wat do u think abt dat?

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