Can’t Say No

Initially I did not want to request Can’t Say No to review, but I can’t help myself when the cover scream temptation. Well, what else do you call a book cover where a woman making a hush hush  sign and putting on her lips while a man kiss her shoulder anyway?

Anyway, like most Jennifer Greene books, Can’t Say No is also a contemporary romance where alot of issues is explored in it. This one is about soul-searching and following what your heart’s desire. And somehow, I can relate to this book at a personal level. It makes me think alot on the choices that I’ve made in my life, and it also makes me think that sometimes, we ought to take control of our life instead of being a marionette on a string, dancing to the tune of the puppeteer just so that we can please others, whom…cannot be pleased, no matter what we do.

Can’t Say No is about Bree Penoyer’s feelings of guilt leave her speechless-literally after a certain tragedy strike.

And tired of always being the good girl and just letting things happen to her, Bree decides it’s time to take life into her own hands. She dumps her lucrative but uninspiring career and her sweet but boring fiancé, and escapes to her late grandmother’s rustic cabin in South Carolina to find herself again.

Her solitude is immediately disrupted by her new neighbor, Hart Manning, a sexy but arrogant rogue who doesn’t seem capable of taking no for an answer. The last thing Bree wants is an affair, especially with a self-proclaimed womanizer like Hart.

Bree is an amazing and strong character, and somehow, I wish I have the courage to follow my heart like her.

I received this ARC free from Carina Press via Netgalley. I was not required to give a positive review and  all opinions are 100% mine.

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