Celebrate Love with Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection and Clothes Buffet

Have you ever been to a jewelry showcasing? I have. Quite recently in fact. Back in November I was honoured by Poh Kong and was given the privilege to be the selected few who were given a chance to witness the unveiling of their latest collection.

The showcasing of their latest collection brought tears to my eyes because the showcasing was themed heavily around Oriental wedding where they featured a pair of Chinese bride and groom wearing Poh Kong Happy Love Collection.

 photo 20151117_120522_zps9dq0sy8d.jpg

There was a storyline during the showcasing. The couple were wearing jewelries that are wedding ‘gifts’ from their new family by marriage and all the jewelry pieces each have symbolic meaning; wishing them eternal marital bliss and all the good things for their marriage.

 photo 20151117_120305_zpsfyglzagq.jpg

The ‘bride’, radiant with her Poh Kong Happy Love Collection

 photo 20151117_122629_zpsn1wqsy8s.jpg

Models wearing Poh Kong Happy Love Collection.

We were also shown the TVC for that collection.

Seeing that TVC was the last straw. It made me tearful, and wishful. Why, you ask me? Well, let me tell you a story. A real life story. MY story. A story that I never divulged to anyone all these while throughout my marriage years because I thought nobody would believe me and it sound rather silly.

My husband and I were college sweetheart. He was my college senior and we fell in love with each other pretty hard. I was 17 and he was 19 when we first met. Being young, no matter how civil our respective parents tries to be in front of us when we told them we are in love and would love to spend the rest of our lives together, they disapprove our relationship and deep down, we know that they don’t take us seriously and both sides of the family were hoping that we would soon break up and goes separate ways.

Young blooded and desperately in love, we did something that neither side of the family thought we dared to do. We eloped. Yes. My husband and I got married without the presence of both sides of our family members. Our marriage was very intimate and in the privacy of the religious registrar office in our neighboring country with only a few friends as witness who were sworn to secrecy about our marriage. There was no reception or feast to celebrate our love. There were no flowers, no wedding dresses or tuxedo. There was nothing and yet it meant so much to us.

To me, nothing else matters, after all our marriage is still legal in the eyes of religion and laws. We did re-register our marriage in Malaysia despite of the long winded process. Nobody in the family actually knew that we were married. And when I got pregnant, nobody in the family knew too. I was pretty wary and decided not to tell. In fact, nobody in the family knew about my son’s existence until he was 8 years old when my husband and I were finally tired of hiding and decided to let things out in the open. My husband and I were determined to spend the rest of our lives together and despite of our respective parents belief that we wouldn’t last, we made it pass a decade against all odds.

Marriage is never easy. What more there’s a child in the picture. Even more so when you eloped and nobody knew about it and only have each other and everything was all about trial and error and figuring things out together.

Our marriage was is easy but we love each other enough to make things work and I have no regrets. If I could turn back time, I would still make the same decision to elope and would still want the family life that I have now. If anyone ever told me that this was all a mistake, then I would tell them that this is my most favourite mistake of all.

But then again, deep down, I’m still a woman and there is a girl in me that wanted to properly celebrate my wedding. I never brought this up to my husband as we are already married for so many years and he has given me such happiness that I could ask no more, but sometimes whenever I attended people’s wedding or fashion or jewelry showcasing, I would get wishful.

I want to celebrate one of our future anniversary and wear a specially tailored wedding dress along with bling bling jewelries and look beautiful in it. I want to celebrate love by throwing a small reception attended only by my loved ones. I want to dance with my husband and have our pictures taken in our bridal attire. I want something to remember things by and I want to be able to show our grandchildren how our love transcend time against all odds.

It may not be able to turn back time but the future is still ours and a woman can dream, can’t she? My husband and I are not rich by any standard and money should not be spent on whimsical things like this but I could still dream and hope, can’t I?

If my husband and I have unlimited funds and were given a chance to have the celebratory wedding anniversary of our dreams, I would like everything to be very detailed.

I would like to throw a lakeside reception with roses decorated all over and I’ll be wearing both traditional and modern wedding dresses with Poh Kong jewelries that I’ve seen during their showcasing as they are not only beautiful but symbolise happiness too.

There’s plenty of intricately beautiful pieces of jewelries by Poh Kong like I’ve seen at the most recent showcasing but I’ve taken a peek at some of Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection a couple of days ago and is absolutely besotted with the dazzling creations.

 photo PhotoGrid_1451071720217_zpstjtoo3xi.jpg

Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection video.

And here is my my top 3 items from Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection that I would love to have for my dream wedding- anniversary:

1. Wedding anniversary celebration with the theme ‘Magic of The Night’

I may no longer be the blushing newlywed nor an angel but having married to my husband on his birthday more than a decade back, I sure hope I’ll be his angel forever. Imagining that I’ll be donning a red evening gown, I’d like to pair it with nothing more than the ANGEL™ Diamond collection by Poh Kong.

 photo PhotoGrid_1451041102981_zpshhh0dixl.jpg

The sheer elegance and the alluring charm of Lailah – Angel of Conception with a collection of pendants, rings and earrings. Cut only by the world’s finest diamond artisans with the most advanced diamond cutting technologies, the intricate designs of ANGEL™ Diamond is absolutely dazzling. There’s a rare and alluring icon of light, a reflection of perfect light and pure brilliance and the most perfectly proportioned square diamond in the world.

 photo Angel Diamond Pendant_zpsptvaqgyk.jpg

Angel Diamond Pendant


Angel Diamond Earrings

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Angel Diamond Ring

After striking lottery with the conception of our son a decade back, my husband and I have no luck for a second child. Perhaps, these would help boost our luck a little give us another bundle of joy to love.

2. Wedding anniversary celebration with the theme ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream

I’m no fairy but as a teenager, I have always love the Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream that tells the love story between the fairy Queen Titania and Oberon. Inspired by their love story, I have always dreamed of wearing regally elegant dress that’s fit for a fairy queen. Should my fantasy comes true one day, there is nothing more I want to do than pair the dress with the latest Tranz Nature by Poh Kong collection.

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Amongst the many icons of nature, this collection unveils the sheer elegance of the dragonfly, the artistry of woven leaves and the shimmering allure of luminous water drops. From honeybees to whimsical butterflies and a spider keeping vigil in its intricate web, this latest collection is truly a treasure trove of nature’s beauty and mystery captured in gold – to cherish forever more. Crafted in 22K gold, this new collection captures the essence and symmetry of nature’s splendours, immortalising their sublime beauty for generations to come.

 photo Tranz Nature Ring_zpsvxwcsvco.jpg

Tranz Nature’s Ring, a signature 22k gold carat ring features exquisite symmetry of the dragonfly and the essence of its elegance are captured to perfection in this inspired collection. The dainty winged design is a treasure trove of untold splendour.

 photo Tranz Charm Bangle_zpsgczy76lv.jpg

Tranz Charm Bangle. Embellished with quirky but distinctive elements from dragonfly, petite spider to honey bee, this piece is just extraordinary.

 photo Tranz Duet Pendant_zpsou8saiqw.jpg

Tranz Duet Pendant. Two are better than one with this collection of pendants. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind wearing this near to his heart the way I’d wear it as for what it’s worth, he never calls me by my name but with the term of endearment ‘Honey’, and this symbolize exactly just that.

3. Wedding anniversary celebration with the theme ‘White Serenade’.

Every little girl’s daydream is to be a princess and as grown up there are times I wished I’d wear traditional white lace dress fit for a princess to my wedding day. My wedding day is long gone but the whimsical fantasy remain. I can imagine myself wearing a white wedding dress with just Poh Kong’s Simply Elegant Collection.

 photo PhotoGrid_1451042287983_zpscv5ew3ec.jpg

Poh Kong Simply Elegant set, consisting of rose gold pendant and earrings set that resembles the exquisite harp, which is simple yet alluring.

 photo Simply Elegant Earrings_zpscub48shn.jpg

Simply Elegant Earrings

 photo Simply Elegant Pendant_zpsorbnhtai.jpg

Simply Elegant Pendant

There you go. My top 3 items collection from Poh Kong Year End Festive Collection that I would love to have for my dream wedding anniversary. They are simply divine, don’t you think? My dream for a fantasy wedding anniversary may be a tad farfetched and expensive but dream and hope is absolutely not, don’t you think? People say if you dream and wish hard enough it may just come true and I’m hanging to that.

But then again, if all else fail, I can always make it come true in small ways.

 photo IMG_90509384491123_zpszhesmufg.jpeg

Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 will be happening from 26-27th of March 2016 at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and Poh Kong is one of the Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 2016 Main Sponsor and I heard there is plenty of prizes to be won when you participate in the clothes buffet. You can find out more on Clothes Buffet HERE.

Maybe I’ll hop over and check it out. Perhaps there will be some exquisite clothes and dresses for me to grab at the buffet and if I’m lucky enough, I’d probably end up winning something from Poh Kong collections and gets to realize bits of my fantasy after all.

If you are interested in ushering your new year with a stylishly elegant makeover or realize some of your romantic dreams like me, be it proposing to your intended or just getting a token of love or two for your special someone, you might want to head over to Poh Kong, they have just the things to win love for you.

Poh Kong website: www.pohkong.com.my
Facebook: pohkongjewellers
Instagram: pohkongmy

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