Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine Ramadan Buffet 2015 at Suria KLCC 

Thailand will always hold a special place in my heart. To me, it is a beautifully romantic country with plenty of mystical tale that comes alive as soon as you stepped foot in it’s land. Being a Northerner, visiting Southern Thailand is quite a norm for me and my husband whenever we go back to my hometown, mainly Satun and Hadyai. But last year, we decided to explore further and took a short birthday a.k.a anniversary trip to Songhkla, Thailand.

Songhkla is actually a very famous state in Thailand, especially among those Muslims who eloped. To cut the long story short, Songhkla is the Asian version of Las Vegas. Attractions around it includes the zoo, mosque, temples and of course, the mermaid statue by Samila beach.

My husband and I did some eat-travel-write kinda thing and discovered that Thai food is absolutely delicious, and not quite easy to find authentic ones in Kuala Lumpur. We usually get the watered down version of Thai food, but lucky us, we found Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine. Located on the 4th floor of KLCC, Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine serves nothing but authentic Thai cuisine.

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine has rolled out a delectable buffet spread in conjunction of Ramadan, with a good mix of local and Thai delicacies to suit everyone’s palate.

Here’s sharing with you what they have to offer in their buffet spread this coming Ramadan 2015. First let’s check out the live action stalls:

 photo IMG_2482_zpsuebhcelv.jpg

Tom Yam Stall

 photo IMG_2487_zpsawwdnswk.jpg

Tom Yam Goong. A Siamese signature sour and spicy soup dish. A must try.

 photo IMG_2486_zpsqti7aegl.jpg

Assorted noodles to go with your Tom Yam soup.

 photo IMG_2485_zpsphwahccr.jpg

Assorted fish balls and surimis

 photo IMG_2484_zpsiszbskrc.jpg

Fresh calamari and prawns are available too.

 photo IMG_2545_zpsitcni41l_edit_1433750732872_zpsdhlqshui.jpg

Gerai Ikan Bakar

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Grilled catfish with sweet and spicy sauce.

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Chicken Satay

Beef Satay

Also spotted at the Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine Ramadan Buffet is those all time Malaysian favourites dishes that is a common appearance during Ramadan and special occasions:

Nasi Briyani

 photo IMG_2489_zpsb9ccin61.jpg

Ayam Kapitan

 photo IMG_2493_zpseiioyyxv.jpg

Rendang Tok

 photo IMG_2494_zps21kgkh7m.jpg

Pajeri Nanas

 photo IMG_2495_zps4djh2ttv.jpg

Pajeri Terung

 photo IMG_2498_zpsxljiwifu.jpg

Stir Fried Lala in Tomyam Paste

 photo IMG_2500_zps7crd862b.jpg

Stir Fried Squid in Garlic Sauce

 photo IMG_2499_zpsdhv59rgs.jpg

Tofu in minced chicken

 photo IMG_2501_zpsiwyqdgh7.jpg

Deep fried butter fish

 photo IMG_2505_zps5awlhnje.jpg

Creamy butter prawn topped with chunks of salted eggs.

 photo IMG_2503_zpsqo74pdqt.jpg

Green curry lamb

 photo IMG_2481_zpsxrgjixtq.jpg

Here’s the Executive Chef Solehuddin Nutto showcasing must try items at the buffet

 photo IMG_2516_zps15hjhlgl.jpg

Thai style Kangkung Celup Tepung

 photo IMG_2515_zpsro9qubkr.jpg

Fried Onion Rings

 photo IMG_2555_zpskawqcpsd.jpg

Mieng Kham

 photo IMG_2573_zpsw4hssfqp_edit_1433752678322_zpsmhtivsu1.jpg

It is a Thai leaf dish usually sold on the street of Thailand. I topped the leaf with roasted shredded coconut, toasted peanuts, lime, dried shrimp, bird’s eye chili , topped with palm syrup sauce. It was an explosion of taste in the mouth. Very interesting leaf dish and it was said to have medicinal value where it helps the digestive system and expels wind.

 photo IMG_2513_zpsaiwey802.jpg

Fresh vegetables

 photo IMG_2554_zpsq8e4nnxf.jpg

Assorted sambal and air asam dips to go with fresh ulams.

 photo IMG_2557_zps3tn77ref.jpg

Assorted Kerabu

 photo IMG_2507_zpsiddaeeqb.jpg

Kerabu Timun dan Nanas

 photo IMG_2508_zpsl84ml0mn.jpg

Kerabu Ayam Cincang

 photo IMG_2509_zpsfsfrjbxr.jpg

Kerabu Soo-hoon

 photo IMG_2510_zpsd4ljmff6.jpg

Kerabu Mangga

 photo IMG_2561_zpsvzahmqwj.jpg

Assorted Jeruk

 photo IMG_2560_zps8ufvtusi.jpg

Acar Buah

 photo IMG_2562_zpstvjiqelr.jpg


 photo IMG_2565_zpshzjtwmcj.jpg

Dessert section features assorted traditional Malay Kuih and Thai desserts.

 photo IMG_2568_zpsbmwsgomx.jpg

Kuih Talam

 photo IMG_2570_zpswfbmmskp.jpg


 photo IMG_2569_zpsthpvy2bi.jpg

Ubi Kayu Rebus

 photo IMG_2566_zpsugz59ngw.jpg

Pisang Rebus

 photo IMG_2564_zpsq2ndbqbl.jpg

Bubur Pisang&Jagung and Bubur Kacang Hijau

 photo IMG_2567_zpsqnhrztgn.jpg

Pulut Mangga or rather, the famous Mango Sticky Rice. I did not manage to try this but it is always gone whenever they replenish it at the buffet so I suppose this surpassed the expectations.

 photo IMG_2558_zpsikswectc.jpg

Red Ruby or Tub Tim Grob, coconut milk based dessert that is very popular among Thais when the weather is hot. The small reddish thing are water chestnut covered with tapioca flour, served with sweeten coconut milk and shaved ice and one can add jellied coconut and shredded jackfruit as additional item if they prefer. Very sweet and refreshing dessert.

For more information what they have to offer this coming Ramadan, please refer to the information below:

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine
Suria KLCC Tel: 2382 7788 / 0887
Pavilion KL Tel: 2143 1141
Alamanda Putrajaya Tel: 8890 1616

Website: &

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