Kids Day Out At Quill City Mall

I’m somewhat a self professed shopaholic. Naturally, one of my favourite past time is hanging out at the shopping mall with my son. I can stay in a shopping mall from the time they started opening their doors in the morning til their closing time at night. To say that some shopping malls is actually my second home is an understatement. :p I could actually plan an itinerary of a one day shopping mall exploration and that wouldn’t even be a joke. :p

One of my recent favourite shopping mall these days is Quill City Mall. I believe I’ve written about this mall countless of times before but in case you’ve missed it, here’s reintroducing the mall to you again. It’s a fairly new mall located in the heart of Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. One of the thing that I liked about this mall is that it is accessible directly by public transport. There is a direct monorail link to Quill City Mall located at level 2. All you need to do is hop onto the monorail and head to Medan Tuanku monorail station. Alternatively, you can stop at Bukit Nanas or take the Putraline LRT and disembark at Dang Wangi. It’s about 10 minutes walk away to Quill City Mall.

Quill City Mall is a home to many of my favourite brands and apart from being an excellent mall to hunt for groceries and delicious food, it is also a family friendly shopping destination. If you are a foodie, check out my blog post on Quill City Mall Food Trail HERE. There is a lot of fabulous food joints here in Quill City Mall. And the best part? They are all pork-free, children friendly and Muslim friendly.

Speaking of being a children friendly mall, Quill City Mall has organized a Kids’ Day Out yesterday and my son and I have been invited to join in the fun. Who am I to say no to a fun adventure with my son in the mall? What more it’s now my favourite mall. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_114358_zpsqakhks7d.jpg

A group photo of us bloggers, members of the media and a bunch of excited kids at the concourse area. We gathered at 11am and were given the itinerary of the day. Mr. C.K Ng gave us a short brief about the mall and what the mall have to offer before our little adventure commences.

 photo IMG_20150611_111822_zpsv9rcitni.jpg

Our first stop is the NEXT store. Our mission: To get the kids to style up. The store is located at Lot G-08-10, Ground Floor.

An integral part of the British High Street, the NEXT retail chain was set up in 1982. Through the decades, the brand has worked with notable greats in the global fashion industry. Clothes under the NEXT label are styled by an in-house design team to offer exceptional style, quality and value for money with a contemporary edge. Today, NEXT operates more than 500 stores in the UK and almost 200 stores in more than 40 countries globally.

 photo IMG_20150522_170930_zpsjgm3s1au.jpg

The brand’s latest outlet showcases its collection of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, in addition to its offering for kids.  

 photo IMG_20150522_170953_zpssx1b1zcs.jpg

Here’s some of their latest women’s clothing collection.

 photo IMG_20150522_171030_zps7sdk2sdw.jpg

Accessories ranging from handbags, scarves, belts, eyewear and many more.

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Children’s section features some pretty interesting designs for both boys and girls. Stylist, sweet looking but at the same time, is designed for active wear and maximum comfort.

In-store shopping bags is provided for your shopping convenience. 😉

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Each bloggers were given an RM50 voucher, courtesy of NEXT to shop for something here and here’s what my son chose for himself; a navy coloured sailor shirt. Being a little vain pot like his mum, the boy is definitely a happier child after that little shopping trip. I got to make a mental note to get him a stylish cap and a sunglass next time we drop by. He’s been eyeing on those and he’ll look very fashionable in those, no doubt.

After the short shopping spree session, we were brought to our second stop of the day, the MPH Bookstore. MPH Bookstore is located at Lot 2-32 & 33, Second Floor. MPH Bookstores is a well-loved and treasured household name in Malaysia and Singapore. From its humble beginning as a small bookshop selling general titles, MPH Bookstores has since progressed into a major chainstore in Malaysia and Singapore, offering a wide selection of books and other merchandise including music and movie products, stationery, educational toys and games, gifts and greeting cards. MPH Bookstore has since grown to an impressive 33 outlets nationwide.

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There is a storytelling activity going on to amuse the participating children.

 photo IMG_20150611_115754_zpsgir8clgp.jpg

Poison of the day: The Book With No Pictures. It was a very funny story and my son laughed so loud at the storyteller when he was reading the funny story from the book.

 photo IMG_3306_zpshcgt03p7.jpg

A group photo taken after the storytelling session.

 photo IMG_20150611_183951_zpsjiwf7ozw.jpg

Each participating children were given some storybooks and stationeries when the session ends and it’s definitely going to be useful when the school reopens.

 photo IMG_20150611_125038_zpsy2s0xktc.jpg

Our next stop is the Kid’z Paradise. Kid’z Paradise, located at Lot 2-33A & 35, Second Floor.

 photo IMG_20150611_122429_zps7vdbvoro.jpg

It is an indoor playland featuring equipment specially designed for toddlers and children.

 photo IMG_20150611_121443_zps3ikat3a6.jpg

Kid’z Paradise is a safe and clean indoor play land concept with a wide-range of exciting play equipment through the age of twelve. Rocking up with a huge state-of-the-art playground and specially patterned toys-in-motion, they believe in providing learning opportunities in a safe, fun-filled and carefree environment to maximize children’s learning potential to grow into happy and healthy adults. So, if you are planning a birthday party, or an event here, you may want to check out their package at their website HERE

The kids were absolutely famished after burning off their energy and so we headed to Big Daddy Little Chefs, Happikiddo. It is located at Lot 2-28-31, Second Floor.

 photo IMG_20150611_125202_zpsxqux4vek.jpg

This cafe is a tiny setup adopting the “child-friendly” manner. The space can comfortably fit 35 adults and 15 children.

 photo IMG_20150611_133722_zps6cd67nwl.jpg

There is a tiny play area using Natural Korean Citrus Woodchips that has a mild healing effect for eczema, asthma and sinus. Its citrusy smell also acts an an anti- mozzie patch.

 photo IMG_20150611_125330_zpswtglntun.jpg

Big Daddy Little Chefs’ home-cooked varieties are MSG free and they use Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt . It uses halal ingredients so Muslim diners can savour their meals with ease.

 photo IMG_20150611_135825_zpsxbbxgeop.jpg

After the meal, it’s time for some action in the kitchen. Well, sort of. Our next destination is Pizza Hut Restaurant, located at Lot 2-20, Second Floor where the children are given a chance to make and bake their own pizza. Pizza Hut boasts a dining experience, complete with contemporary decor with courteous and friendly service for all. Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes such as pizzas, pastas, rice and a range of appetizers for your culinary pleasure.   

 photo IMG_20150611_140035_zpsb4ry8b9d.jpg

Briefing for the pizza-making session.

 photo IMG_20150611_141051_zpsvkih1s5t.jpg

Kids getting ready to make their own pizzas.

 photo IMG_20150611_141916_zpszq5raq4i.jpg

Delicious Pizzas in the making.

 photo IMG_20150611_141857_zps1ltwdq03.jpg

My son’s pizza before going into the oven.

 photo IMG_20150611_143644_zps8g3q5dvn.jpg

The final product. Personal Hawaiian Pan Pizza.

 photo IMG_20150611_143728_zpswpvqn8si.jpg

Time to tuck in. The kids seems to enjoy eating the food that they made much more than those they didn’t, apparently. I was a fool thinking that they could have been stuffed after lunch earlier. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_183404_zpsfn9cwqv9.jpg

We did not leave the outlet empty handed. 🙂 Pizza Hut Restaurant has generously handed us goodie bag containing vouchers and whatnot for us to use during our next visit. 😉 And being a fan of pizzas, I have no doubt that my next visit will be soon enough. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_145544_zps2kspfvtp.jpg

There is no such thing as a fun day put without a trip to the toy store. Our next stop is Hamleys located at Lot 1-01, First Floor. This is one of the finest toy shop in the world that brings magical experiences and joy to children of all ages. Hamleys, as a trusted worldwide brand, promotes customer loyalty and brand growth through its unique approach to retailing including in-store entertainment, toy demonstration, colourful and engaging store designs combined with fantastic Hamleys own brand toys.

 photo IMG_20150611_150003_zps1uslqjac.jpg

That said, the children were treated to a magic show.

 photo IMG_20150611_151254_zpss1uho9r7.jpg

A manicure session

 photo IMG_20150611_151749_zpsqzwzkqbc.jpg

Sticker tattoo and also face painting session.

 photo IMG_20150611_150413_zpsuyuy9csl.jpg

Spotted Iron Man Jr. over here in the toy store too.

 photo IMG_20150611_182923_zpsvvyaptis.jpg

The children did not leave the store empty handed. They brought home some toys, courtesy of Hamleys. 😉

 photo IMG_20150611_154107_zps5wb07mbx.jpg

After the exhilarating time in Hamleys, the children were brought to Occubite Pastry Cafe located at Lot 2-15, Second Floor for muffin decorating workshop where the children were given a chance to decorate their own muffins. Occubite Pastry Cafe is a friendly, casual place that offers freshly prepared meals for dining in or takeaway. Their menu is designed to be seasonal, all natural and healthy. Occubite offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a great range of freshly baked muffins, cakes and pastries for those who have sweet tooth.

 photo IMG_20150611_154350_zpsyny42dph.jpg

Muffin decorating workshop in session.

 photo IMG_20150611_154513_zpshn3esgif.jpg

Muffin decorating in progress. An elder child spotted helping out the younger one.

 photo IMG_20150611_155754_zps08ainoxt.jpg

And this is what my son made. The muffins did not last long for photography purpose as the boy practically polished it off from the plate the minute he was done decorating.

 photo IMG_20150611_160758_zpslpszydqx.jpg

The kids was all parched after having their muffins and so we were brought to The Original Milkshake Co. located at Lot 4-63, Fourth Floor for a delightful milkshake experience. Established in 2014, The Original Milkshake Co. opened its first outlet at Quill City Mall attracting a wide range of milkshake lovers from youngsters to professionals and retirees. Available in three varieties : Premium, Classic and Signature series which feature delicious concoctions of milkshake and delectable cakes by KL’s premium dessert brand Mad Treats.

 photo IMG_20150611_160908_zps3sl0hfqi.jpg

Additional milkshake toppings is chargeable at RM1.50 each.

 photo IMG_20150611_161806_zpscbsbm2c9.jpg

3 of the flavours that we managed to try that day; original, chocolate and blueberry flavoured milkshakes.

 photo IMG_20150611_162448_zpshhhwhnhk.jpg

After the milkshakes, we proceeded to the final stop of the day, Cornery-The Popcorn Gallery is the most exciting gourmet popcorn store in Malaysia.

 photo IMG_20150611_162648_zps3zeifyvz.jpg
The open kitchen allows multi-sensory experience for everyone. Listen to the reverberating popping sound, smell fresh popcorns from the kettle, see the creations and taste the crispness of popcorns and last but not least, feel happy.

 photo IMG_20150611_162540_zpszrpwhyst.jpg

Cornery offers both sweet and savoury version of the popcorns.

 photo IMG_20150611_183611_zpsyzvnrud2.jpg

Being a pure glutton, my son and I asked for both sweet and savoury version of their popcorns. One is their bestseller, the Butterscotch flavour and the White Cheese flavour.

The Kids’ Day Out at Quill City Mall comes too soon and I come to realize that it is not a hassle to actually bring kids to shopping mall. At least not in Quill City Mall.There is literally something for kids of all ages at Quill City Mall. This mall can be considered a kid’s haven with loads of outlets and activities to keep the young ones ‘edutained’. It is indeed an exciting family destination, jam packed with lifestyle offerings for people of all ages, including kids.


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