Chef Mathieu Palombino, The Maestro Pizzaiolo of Motorino Pizza

During my most recent visit to Motorino SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, I was given the privilege to a brief interview session with the man behind Motorino itself; Chef Mathieu Palombino, The Maestro Pizzaiolo of Motorino Pizza.


Yours truly and Chef Mathieu Palombino, the owner and Maestro Pizzaiolo of Motorino Pizza. For those who are not familar with the term ‘pizzaiolo’, it is actually an Italian word used to refer to pizza makers.


Quoting Chef Mathieu Palombino,
Motorino is, in Italian, a word for “scooter.” It’s an extension of the word “Motori,” which means motor or engine. It’s a little motor, little engine, which is what they use for “cool.”

Chef Mathieu Palombino doesn’t like huge pizzerias and prefers the homey pizzerias, similar to those pizzerias in Italy. “This is going to be a very simple experience. I want you to come in, sit down, order a pizza and enjoy your meal.” he said. Chef Mathieu Palombino is passionate about what he does and can often be seen experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Delving into his background, Chef Mathieu Palombino was trained in the most haute of French traditions and worked in Europe before moving to New York. He was chef de cuisine at BLT Fish when it was given three stars in The New York Times by Frank Bruni in 2005. But for many years Palombino dreamed of making pizza in an intimate restaurant of his own and therefore he did so; and now there’s plenty of Motorino outlets scattered around the world.

When asked about the challenges and his experience in opening Motorino in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Chef Mathieu Palombino says there’s not much challenges in establishing Motorino in SkyAvenue, and that Genting Malaysia has been a very good partner since the very beginning. According to Chef Mathieu Palombino, he has no immediate plans so far to open more Motorino outlets in Malaysia.

Unlike others of his generation who tends to find working with younger generation and millennials challenging, Chef Mathieu Palombino loves working with young people. He loves their energy and passion and aspire to inspire more millennials to work in Motorino. He has faith in his pizzaioli, and believes that they will continuosly make the best pizzas for the patrons.

The Belgian-born, French-trained chef, pizzaiolo and entrepreneur Chef Mathieu Palombino believes that all the pizzas in Motorino are delicious in their own ways, but recommends Margherita if one truly wants a taste of true Italian Pizza.

To read more on what Motorino has to offer, hop over HERE.

Motorino SkyAvenue is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Operation hours is from 10 am to 10 pm daily. For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

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