Wearable Artworks: My Sketchbook Shawl by Emma Maembong

I don’t wear hijab on daily basis. I only don hijab if the occasions calls for such dresscode. I do however, have soft spots for beautiful shawls and I usually style them up to pair with my outfits. Shawls are very useful to me, especially when I’m traveling. They not only serve as a fashionable ‘blanket’ whenever I feel cold during those long hours on the bus or on the plane but they make great additions to my limited wardrobe too as I can pair them up with just one plain shirt and yet produces a couple of different looks depending on how you style them. I have plenty of shawls and scarves at home, but a woman can never have enough. I’m constantly on the lookout for pretty shawls to add to my collection and it has come to my attention that a Malaysian artist cum actress, Emma Maembong has launched her shawl collection; My Sketchbook Shawl. Her collections is something worth raving about, I must say.

My Sketchbook Shawl Collections by Emma Maembong Launching

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Video: Emma Maembong launches her shawl collections; My Sketchbook Shawl.


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So what’s unique about her shawl collections? Well, it is common for actors and actresses to come out with their own brand of clothing and use their fame to sell their clothings to their fans but this one’s rather different, as unlike others, the designs of her shawls collections are her very own work of art.

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A daughter of a painter and a painter by profession prior to her involvement in the entertainment industry, Emma Maembong has produces plenty of artworks on both paper and canvas but never thought to do it on other materials until her family encourages her to draw it on shawls and turn her drawings and paintings into wearable artwork.


Emma Maembong, creating a masterpiece on canvas. Pic credit to argentina online dating


Some of Emma Maembong’s masterpieces being showcased during the launching.

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Beautiful paintings in various themes

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A lovely painting by Emma Maembong on display during the launching of My Sketchbook Shawl.


Emma Maembong donning a piece from her ‘My Sketchbook Shawl‘ collection. Her shawls are unique in the sense that her artworks are printed onto the shawls and they are very limited. This makes the pieces are rather exclusive.


Me and Emma Maembong

All the shawls in My Sketchbook Shawls collections are also syariah compliance and the length and width of her shawls are more than enough to cover one’s aurah, making her collections a perfect choice for devout Muslims to wear. The shawls are not only stylish, but covers one’s modesty as well.

Interested in getting your hands on one? They are pretty affordable, I assure you. Just hop over to this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/emmasketchbookshawl/

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