Where to Eat in Resorts World Genting: Motorino SkyAvenue

Being somewhat a global village when it comes to food, there are plenty of pizza places in Malaysia, but here’s sharing with you one of my favourite pizza place; Motorino.

This pizzeria is located at the newly opened SkyAvenue in Resorts World Genting and as of writing, it is one of the most raved about pizzeria in SkyAvenue. This Brooklyn and East Village pizza place has New York Times food writers hailing it as the best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York.

Take a look at the short video to get a better idea of Motorino Pizza. Motorino is owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino who makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy.


Motorino is unique in the sense that they have open kitchen and patrons can actually watch the entire process of the kitchen crews making pizzas.


During my most recent visit, I was given the privilege to a brief interview session with the man behind Motorino itself; Chef Mathieu Palombino, The Maestro Pizzaiolo of Motorino Pizza. You may read more about him HERE.

So, what to order when you dine here? Well, Motorino pizzeria in SkyAvenue offers more than just pizzas. They have antipasti, desserts and refreshingly concocted beverages too but I won’t be touching that in this write up and will just concentrate on their wonderful Neopolitan pizzas so that you know what to expect when you hop over.

A Selection of Pizzas at Motorino Sky Avenue, Malaysia

Diners can take their pick from nine stellar favourites, which range from the stripped (marinara, margherita and pepperoni) to the supremely Italian (stracchiatella with basil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil; cremini mushrooms, and colatura di alici featuring cow’s milk mozzarella, red onions, grape tomatoes, white anchovies and sea salt). Also on offer is a Brussel sprout pizza with fior de latte, garlic, pecorino and smoked turkey bacon; cherry stone clam pizza and an egg, turkey chili variation.

To add to your gastronomic excitements? Motorino SkyAvenue also offers over 20 toppings that can be added on to existing pizzas. These include Brussel sprouts, two kinds of anchovies, fresh arugula, buffalo mozzarella and fior de latte (fresh mozzarella made with cow’s milk as opposed to buffalo milk), along with other more conventional ingredients such as turkey, pepperoni and clams. However, purists say that each Motorino pizzas is perfect as it is.

Here’s some all time favourite masterpieces from Motorino: Pepperoni, Del Popolo, Meatball, Amatriciana, Arugula & Bresaola, Cherry Stone Clam, Magherita and Marinara.

Margherita Pizze A vital element of Motorino’s pizzas is not overloading the pie with toppings. Believing that less is definitely more on pizzas, this is without a doubt applicable to the classic Margherita Pizza. Sometimes the simplest ingredients, combined in the simplest of ways, have the power to erase your woes and send you into a world of peaceful bliss. Such is the power of the Margherita pizza. Fresh tomato sauce, chewy mozzarella cheese, some fresh of basil on a crispy crust oiled with extra virgin olive oil was simply divine to have. An ultimate comfort food that can never go wrong.

Marinara Pizze. The pizza’s name, Marinara takes its name from the marinai, or sailors, for whom it was first baked in the 18th century. It is a pizza pie with no cheese and I think Marinara pizzas reflects the skill and passion of a pizza maker’s ability to evoke deep flavors from such simple and very basic ingredients. This traditional Marinara Pizza from Motorino has tomatoes crushed, or blended, sliced fresh garlic, fresh oregano, extra virgin olive oil and maybe some sea salt to taste. This pizza is all about the tomatoes, garlic, oregano and the extra virgin olive oil. Marinara pizza not only allows the skill of the pizza maker to come through, but really showcases the quality of the individual ingredients. A must try if you appreciate refreshingly basic tasting pizzas. Margherita pizzas by Motorino guarantees hassle free gastronomic experience.

Pepperoni Pizze , a classic all time favourite. A pizza pie with tomato sauce base topped with beef pepperoni,  mozerella and pecorino cheese and accompanied with a few dash of extra virgin olive oil, and a hint of fresh chillies and sea salt, Pepperoni Pizze hits all the right notes: meaty, spicy, a little sour and goes really well with the cheesy thin crust. Highly recommended for those who are looking for comfort in familiarity and doesn’t want any strange surprises in their pizzas.

Del Popolo Pizze pie has tomato sauce base and is simply topped with mozzarella cheese, parsley, olives, onions and cured anchovies. Those who are not familiar with anchovies might find cured anchovies toppings is a tad overwhelming on the palate, but pizza lovers who loves extra flavours can this one a go.

Meatball Pizze is simply a pizza pie with tomato sauce base topped with chicken meatballs, mozzarella cheese and basil. A modern rendition of traditional Italian pizza. Children will find this one especially pleasing, I have no doubt.

Amatriciana Pizze. Pizza alla matriciana is a version of Italian pizza topped with traditional Italian pasta sauce based on guanciale, pecorino cheese, and tomato, but Motorino’s version has chicken sausage, scallions and some fresh chillies on it. This classic pizza takes its spiciness from the fresh chillies and its depth of flavor from the chicken sausage. Rich with unique and intense flavour, the pizza offers immense satisfaction to pizza lovers.

Arugula&Bresaola Pizze . Not the pizza that I’m familiar with. I’m usually a religious subscriber to the all time great Pepperoni Pizza. This is my first time chancing upon an Arugula&Bresaola pizza. The pizza is topped with bresaola. Bresaola, which originated in the mountains of Lombardy, is made by salting beef and allowing it to air-dry for several weeks. The air dried and salt-cured beef tenderloin are nicely arranged on top of the pizza and was accompanied with fresh arugula leaves alongside with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Strong tasting, meaty and flavourful, this pizza is great for those who appreciates intense flavours on the palate.

Cherry Stone Clam Pizze. One of Motorino’s unique signature is this; Cherry Stone Clam Pizza. It is basically a simple pizza topped with mozzarella, garlic, parsley butter, olive oil, and shucked clams. Squeeze a wedge of accompanying lemon slice on top of it and you’ll be screaming perfection in no time.


Pizzas in Motorino are baked in a special wood-fire oven at 800-900’Celcius. The small mouth and low dome of the ovens actually gets the pizzas cooked in 60 to 90 seconds and therefore, there’s no such thing as a long wait at Motorino. All pizzas are sent to your table at a timely manner.

The pizzas featured above are equally good and individually unique in their own ways, but my personal favourite from Motorino is Pepperoni Pizze and Amatriciana Pizze. I love flavourful pizzas. They’re not only comforting but makes me feel happy as well.

Prices per pizza ranges from RM48- RM64. Genting members may enjoy slightly lower price.

If you are a huge fan of pizzas and haven’t visit Motorino in Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting, then you might wanna do so soon. The hype is real. The pizzas are magnificent.

Motorino SkyAvenue is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue. Operation hours is from 10 am to 10 pm daily. For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit http://cleffairy.com/widow-dating-tips/.

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