Chicken Chang

This is long overdue, but better late than never, no? Last week, during the Dong Zhi festival, my elder sisters pampered me with Dumplings. I had alkaline dumplings as well as the ones with meat fillings.

I was fed more than enough to satisfy my cravings for one whole year, though I wouldn’t mind being fed again. 😀 (Yes, that’s a hint. LMAO.) There’s supposed to be some alkaline dumplings from 2nd sister.

Unfortunately for them, they ended up in my tummy before I could even snap a picture of them. Talk about hungry ghosts! LMAO.

And what’s left was this:

Chicken dumpling or locally known as chicken chang. Eldest sister made this. It seems to be plain from the outside.

But the fillings inside was fit for an Ancient Chinese Queen. 😀 There’s chicken fillet in it, along with chestnuts, scallops, beans, oysters, dried shrimps, as well as salted egg yolk.

I just love being the youngest. I get to be pampered and fed. LOL. Thank you very much Da Jie and Er Jie for the dumplings you gave me.

Too bad San Jie and I are not marvelous cooks as you both obviously are. We would have fed you as well if we’re very good cooks. (I wonder if San Jie is hiding her talent? *snort*)

Cleffairy: I was born in a family where I’m not only the eldest daughter, but also the eldest grandchild for both side of my family. It is nice to be the youngest for a change. 😀


  1. Mommy Ling says:

    Yea, it always nice to get pampered by the elder sisters, what’s more when their homecook foods are so yummy….And the younger sisters will sit there and wait to get feed…kakakak..chamz if the 2 elders sisters read this sure hentam me.

    • Cynthia says:

      you not bad also ma… can make a feast for us that day.. now this sister sulah ‘patah kaki patah tangan’ la with that little girl ‘koala’ me whole day… now, once she is off the koala, I will cook for you gals ah… now, pls settle with my bakings first.. :p

  2. Cynthia says:

    I wonder how you like to have chicken chang.. I made that once in many many years ago, but the chicken without the ‘oil’ is just too bland for the chang la… :p

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