Twitter Down: Over Capacity, Ellie Potvin’s Death

As of June 24, approximately about 12:20 am GMT+8, Twitter was down. (AGAIN). Reason: Over capacity, and I was cursing like mad. I was terribly upset. Upset to my very core. Why?

It’s not because I am a Twitter addict that I get extremely upset with the crashing downtime. It was because I was observing something very important to me as a mum, and yet, Twitter crashed, all because of you nincompoops out there who are terribly inconsiderate that you used twitter for shitty, bitchy conversations instead of using it as a microblogging platform to spread news and important matters,  causing the Twitter’s server to crash terribly. This pissed me off, as I was in the middle of something important, much more important than your freaking bitchy messages.

Don’t you creeps dare to tell me that twitter is for that sort of use, because in truth, it is not! Fucking fools! Do you seriously think people are interested in your shitting conversation with each other like ” Oh, I need to bathe”, ” My pussy had STD… yeast infection, bla bla bla!” or “Oh, I need to wash my smelly pussy” or even  “I like to fuck with some horny married men, they’re nice to fool around with and it’s nice to see their wife get pissed!”.

Good Lord, there are things known as Internet messengers for such bitchy, slutty conversations, you know? Why can’t you creeps be more considerate to those who are not interested in your public fucking, literally? You no good shits are just cluttering and polluting Twitter.

Do I need to tell you useless nincompoops that there is a function in Twitter known as ‘DM’ that allows you to directly reach the intended recipient instead of letting everyone who is following you know what the fuck you want to convey to your intended ones?

If you motherfuckers and bitches doesn’t know how to use such platform and is IT illiterate, kindly stay away from such thing. You folks are an abomination. Twitter is not for abominations such as yourself who knows nothing about decency.

Your inconsiderate actions are absolutely revolting, and I cannot tolerate such nonsense any longer, not when I know that using Twitter for useless, idle private conversations could actually bring it down.

A few messages is fine, but a few full hours of public conversations? THAT IS INTOLERABLE. Foolish creeps. Don’t you folks actually have a life, conversing on Twitter all the time? I guess you folks don’t. Perhaps born with a silver spoon in your blow-job expert of a mouth!

FUCK YOU! Or you’d prefer to be gang banged? Since you folks are so shameless?

I had enough, and I am going to clear you shits from my Twitter and just leave those who are important to me. No offense, but let’s just say I am not interested in reading your freaking conversations where one thing lead to another.

To me, Twitter is not to be used to converse. It ought to be used as an effective announcement system. You have MSN, Yahoo and God knows what else messenger for your personal conversation. The rest of the world does not need to endure your shitty poops as well as your STD infected dick or pussies!

Call me negative and old fashion. While you shits were busy Tweeting about your freaking daily life or tweeting about how your shits looks like in the toilet bowl before you flush it down, I ought to let you know that while you folks were busy tweeting and conversing with one another and eating up Twitter’s server bandwidth, an 8 year old child had passed on because of cancer.

While you folks were busy telling the entire world how sleepy you are or moody you are and wanting to go back to sleep and whatnot, the parents of the child who passed away were using Twitter to convey messages around about their dying daughter DURING HER FINAL HOUR.

Thanks to you nincompoops, people all around the world could not join in and offer prayers and words of comfort. Geez, thank you very much, bitches and bastards. You folks really made my day.

And in honour of Ellie Shoal Potvin, an 8 years old child who finally passed away after years of suffering Rhabdomyosarcomas on 23rd June 2010, I’m going to clean up my Twitter from you shitty bitches and bastards for good!

RIP, Ellie Shoal Potvin, 31st October 2001- 23rd June 2010

Cleffairy: This is a special message to those who claimed to have illness and whatnot and always complaining endlessly on Twitter: If you people are really suffering from serious illness, Twitter is not the place for you. Go to CARING BRIDGE instead. Caring Bridge helps you stay connected with loved ones during a serious health event, and even help you raise funds for your illness as well. And no, this is not a freaking sponsored post or review. This is plain Cleffairy speaking! GRRR!


    • Cleffairy says:

      Better don’t go twitter. It’ll annoy you. I’m using it for business purposes, but apparently, it’s dirtied and cluttered now. Terrible!

      And yes, Amen to that. I wish for that kind of death to. Just let me drop dead!

  1. kathy says:

    Twitter? what is that? mine, i have forgotten the password already. Not really interested . Too much gossip. Worse that the wet market.

    Well, stay cool la girl.Some people want to twit nonsense let them twit la. No use getting rail up by these nonsense.

    Woi…want some more Chicken Chang or not? kakaka

  2. claire says:

    whooaaa… cool down the horse, lady!! to me, no difference cos never twit much but last night, i logged in actually and was shown the same picture as yours.. but after awhile, ok liow..
    anyway, sorry to hear about the little girl who passed on.. God bless her soul…

  3. Cynthia says:

    I never twit for long liao.. coz too many application to jaga, and I think I still prefers FB over twit… just don’t know how to go about it…

  4. Irene says:

    nasib gua no twitter. kang kena curse from you, but then again, if i do have twitter account, i would not tweet those malu-fying thing. bodoh sial!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Damn sial wan I tell you, Irene… if you got twitter, you oso will be annoyed wan, cuz some people, really post up idiotic things. Pissed me off all the time. Grrr!

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