Chicken Chop vs. Nasi Lemak

Which one would you rather have for dinner?

Rm 7.00 crumbs coated black pepper chicken chop served with a side-dish of baked beans in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce and french fries….


The Rm4.50 nyonya nasi lemak served with a side-dish of sambal, fried anchovies and peanuts, sliced cucumbers, kangkung belacan, fried egg, fried chicken as well as papadums?

Well… I couldn’t decide on what I wanna have; chicken chop or nasi lemak when I went for dinner at my regular lurk not long ago. So I ended up buying both and shared them with my family.

Cleffairy: When in doubt…choose both. LOL!


  1. suituapui says:

    Rm4.50…nasi lemak! Or tambah RM2.00, can have TWO chicken chops. Btw, RM4.50, not cheap leh…here at the shops…something like this – RM3.50 only but no papadum. May have increased a little though…haven’t gone to the shops for a long time.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wud to do… I gila nasi lemak… one wik must have at least 3 times, else kenot tahan la… 🙁 This one is night time nasi lemak. night time wan more expensive than the breakfast ones. Dono why oso…

      But this one consider ok la…can’t complain too much. Plus… not much place around my house sell nasi lemak for dinner. 🙁

  2. smallkucing says:

    Revenge is it? Ni must be revenge ni. Must have know I couldnt wake up that early for the nasi lemak. Hmm…but that that day i went to buy the lady say they tarak make sambal sotong already 🙁 Maybe too pricey .

    • Cleffairy says:

      🙁 issit a sickness or wud, kenot makan nasi? My anak oso makan liao will vomit. 🙁 So susah… have to feed noodles and bread instead. Den ah… old ppl will say I tak tau ajar anak cuz he kenot eat rice. 🙁

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