Nasi Goreng Belacan/ Belacan Fried Rice

I’m a huge fan of fried rice. They’re nice, and convenient to cook. Simple fried rice like the one Mommyling makes can melt my heart anytime. *HINT HINT*

I could still remember my schooling time. My mum would cook the leftover rice from the day before and make fried rice out of them and serve them for breakfast. She’d also pack them up in a tupperware and let my sister and I bring them to school so that we could have them during recess in school. I was a very blessed child. I never actually needed to buy any food from the school canteen cuz my mum would prepare all sort of food for us to bring in our lunchbox and have them during lunch.

Those were the good old days. Fried rice is a dish for the poor and the frugal. But not anymore. I had the ‘belacan fried rice’ above while I was chilling out in a cafe while waiting for my boy to come back from his class, and it cost me a bloody Rm7.90. (I was very hungry, and that was one of the cheapest dish at the cafe)

I have no complaints whatsoever on the taste. The ‘belacan fried rice’ actually taste superb, and it was served with a side dish of ‘ayam rempah’, papaya, mango and pineapple salad as well as cool watermelon slices as dessert, but I have to say… serving it in a bento box is just a little too much. I couldn’t really enjoy the food as I found it hard to ‘dig’ into the bento box.

I wish it was served on a regular plate instead of a bloody bento box. Why can’t all these cafe keep things simple? Oh well, perhaps by presenting it nicely and cutely in a bento box, they could charge more. Beats me.

Cleffairy: Life is complicated enough… why can’t food be simple?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Sobs… kena cekik darah…. πŸ™ but what to do… i was practically starving and had nothing to do while waiting for my boy to finish his class…so ordered this… πŸ™ But the taste is really nice la… really no complaints on that… just feel kena slaughtered oni. LOL!

  1. claire says:

    Serving in bento macam berharga sikit.. sure they will charge more.. yes, i agree with u.. how to eat the chicken in such a small hole.. hahahaa…

  2. Alice Law says:

    LOL… bento box, my kids would love it! Fried rice is my all time favourite too, especially with pineapple and birdie eyes chillies(most important must have enough wok heat)!;D

    • Cleffairy says:

      I used to like bento boxes like this, but not anymore… leceh to eat oni. Next time I makan this, I’ll request an extra plate and dump the whole thing in it! LOL!

  3. MRC says:

    Life is complicated but food need to be complex so that we won’t feel further depressed? Good day to the dreaded fairy πŸ™‚

    • Cleffairy says:

      In this case… the impracticality of the bento box just irks me. πŸ™ Japanese dishes ae bite sized, so it’s okay to use bento box. And their rice is sticky too… unlike ours… our rice is not sticky and our dishes are not exactly bite sized, hence when we scoop the rice, it will be very messy… not practical… just look nice. πŸ™ Spoil the eating mood!

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