Clear the Confusion with Papulex

Acne is a common condition, but its impact on quality of life should not be overlooked. For those who have been dealing with it over a long period of time, there is frustration, embarrassment and even anger.

Overwhelmed and unsure of treatment options? So what help is available? If you were to ask your mother, she may tell you to stop eating chocolate and potato chips. If you check out forums online, they may tell you what works for one person and not for the next. On the drug store shelf, you’ll find an overwhelming array of products, each claiming they can do the job. There is simply too much talk and not enough truth.

Based on an online survey conducted in 2012 by Menarini Asia Pacific on 1,020 Asians aged between 18-35 years in four countries – India, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, acne sufferers spend a significant amount of time online searching for possible solutions. About 30% of respondents spend more than an hour per week looking for acne-related information and solutions.


As they are unsure of the appropriate treatment, respondents are willing to try multiple products in search of the right solution. The survey revealed that 10% have tried more than 10 products. Self-esteem affected by acne Further found in survey results, 2 in 3 Asians reported feeling embarrassed and self-conscious when they have acne, with 1 in 3 thinking about their acne almost 2-5 times a day. These respondents also refrain from social activities and only feel comfortable meeting their close friends.


In Malaysia, the results show that respondents are socially inhibited by acne. It keeps them from attending social events, and is something they prefer not to bring up even among close friends. The aversion to the topic could also be the reason why seeing the dermatologist is not a common practice. Nonetheless acne is on their minds, and they have noticeable expectations about the product they are using.

Clearing the confusion on acne management in hopes of guiding consumers through the clutter of information, Papulexâ„¢ Asia created the Clear the Confusion Campaign.



Launching the PAPULEX™ Clear the Confusion Campaign – from left: Dr. Hew Yin Keat, Skin Doctor, Mr. Cheah Chor Eng, General Manager of Menarini Malaysia; Ms. Elaine Yong, Lecturer/Developmental Psychologist and Mr. Quah Cheng Eng @ QuaChee, the winner of the PAPULEX™ Truthseeker Blogger Challenge and an avid blogger.


One of the media getting his skin tested.


Smile for the camera with the PAPULEXâ„¢ Power of 3.

The Papulexâ„¢ range of products targets the root causes of acne with a unique combination of three clinically proven ingredients. Patients experiencing any type or severity of acne use Papulexâ„¢. It can also be used alone or with existing prescription treatment, making it ideal for the maintenance of acne-prone skin.

The Papulexâ„¢ range is exclusively available at selected clinics. For more information, please visit Papulexâ„¢ Asia facebook page at You can alternatively visit Papulexâ„¢ Asia website at and locate a clinic nearby using the store/clinic locator.

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