Constant cravings…

Restaurant Yin Her somewhere in Sungai Buloh is one of my favourite hanging out place with my evil sisters. We stuff our face there every now and then. But as of late, everyone is busy… including me, and we did not manage to go there to stuff our face as frequent as before…

As a result, I’m getting a withdrawal symptom, and all I can do is dream of these wonderful dishes…

Up there is the dishes that we had during our last meet up. It was during Chinese New Year season.

Fresh kam heong lala. Very sweet and spicy and goes very well with plain steamed rice.

Crispy pumpkin chicken. This dish needs some improvement, though. When it came to the table, it was already cold and rather hard. Taste- wise, it was okay.

Veggies for the veggy lovers… but personally, I think this dish could use some cooking wine.

My all time favourite kangkung fried generously with belacan sambal and dried shrimps.

Claypot taufu for the young and young at hearts alike.

And last but not least… fried sotong for yours truly. 😀

Food pictures are courtesy of Mamarazzi and her Smallkucing while the food was sponsored by a pretty young lady who naughtily sneaked out to pay the bills while we’re eating. TSK TSK TSK. Thank you for the food, gorgeous. And thanks for the uh…mysterious roasted chicken too. 😀

Cleffairy: Food, food, food, glorious food!


  1. Alice Phua says:

    Mamarazzi proposed to me before that we go makan at Yin Her when I told her I wanted to pay her a CNY visit. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it at her prooposed date, so in the end it’s only a CNY visit on a weekday. Hahaa…see-lah, next year’s CNY visit on a weekday, I’ll bring Mamarazzi in my car, ask her to show me where is Yin Her. ^_^

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