Cops to probe filming of sexual acts at budget hotels…

This article was taken from The Star Malaysia, 9th July 2008,

THE police will investigate claims that budget hotels in Klang are being used to film couples having sex before selling the footage to pornographic VCD and DVD sellers.

Klang OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Mat Yusop said police had not received any reports of rooms at budget hotels in Klang being fitted with hidden cameras to capture couples in action before this.

“The report in the Malay daily is the first that we have heard of such incidents taking place and since it is illegal to have such cameras in hotel rooms we will definitely carry out investigation soon,” he said.

He said fitting rooms with cameras without the knowledge of the occupants was a serious offence as it was an invasion of privacy.

He said the making and selling of pornographic VCDs and DVDs was another offence and the police wanted to put a stop to it if the claims were true.

He said police would also interview the journalist who wrote the article to shed more light on the matter and assist in investigations.

It was reported in a Malay daily yesterday that some budget hotels in Klang had special rooms fitted with hidden cameras placed in the television set and the air-condition unit.

The DVDs and VCDs were sold for between RM10 and RM18 each and featured mostly teenagers and students from institutions of higher learning.

The journalist, who claimed to have gone undercover and spoken to some hotel owners, wrote that a 23 volume set of DVDs of the sex romp was worth up to RM3,000, besides the royalties on each copy sold.


I would agree that placing a hidden camera or CCTV in a hotel room, be it budget or expensive hotel room is a breach of privacy, and the authorities should do something about it. But I do not agree wholeheartedly that the ‘pornstars’ did it unwillingly or unknowingly. At least, most of them starred in a pornmovie willingly. They are paid to do so at quite a price, and I speak this from experience. But of course, there are victim like our beloved jiggly Chua Soi Lek, some are pure victims.

Having studied in a college where ‘openess’ and ‘bitchiness’ is considered the ‘in’ thing, I’ve heard a talk or two about coursemates/classmates involving in such activities WILLINGLY for the sake of cash. It’s not that they are desperate and forced to sell themselves to survive, it’s just a mere need to live in luxury. Now, isn’t this scary? The parents send their daughters/sons to study away from home, and hoping that they will be a better and sucessful person, but they’re doing hanky panky things instead behind their parent’s back? What’s scarier, these people are usually pretenders, and behaves like a saint in front of their family, and their family would never suspect a thing about their rendezvouz.

I recalled some of their conversation when I read that particular article. I was answering nature’s call or something in the toilet after some gruesome lecture( I can’t reallt remember why I was in the toilet in the first place, because I loathe the lecturer…haha, maybe i was just taking a break from her freaky tweety-bird choking voice!). I was quite surprised, actually, as the voices are eerily familiar.

Scene- Toilet

Student Y: Wanna go to a naked slash? This weekend, usual place.

Student X: Cannot lah! I’m gonna need to do it again this weekend, and boy, I hope this time it won’t be some old man who can’t have his dick stands up, it turns me off…Imagine lah! He asked me to masturbate with a dildo while he desperately shakes his soft thingie to make it stand up! And he’s at it for so long!

Student Y: You want to do it again? But why? Did’t you get your RM4000 two days ago? Now you want to act in their movies again?

Student X: Aihh, what to do? I spent the Rm4000 on makeup and makeover the other day. I’m getting really old-fashioned, you know? My daddy got a new girl, and he hardly spoil me anymore…

Student Y: Get a new daddy lah! You stupid only what? Look at me, I have a few daddies at the same time.

Student X: Duh! I don’t dare have so many daddies at the same time already, abit tiring you know. Sometimes they want to spend the whole weekend with me. I get sore lah! the lube won’t help also! Acting is better, sometimes if you’re lucky, you can get a real steady guy on the bed! The pay also higher! If you go for daddies alone, you also allow them to take your pictures, but they don’t really pay you for the picture… better go act what?

Student Y: Hmm, interesting. Who is the ‘producer’ intro lah! He need alot girls anot?

Student X: He is recruiting more, but he want wild girls only!

The voices faded away as Cleff’s memory started to rot. Haha.


So…from this conversation alone we know that there’s alot more out there that do it willingly, and I doubt the police can do much about the filming or sexual acts, as most of these acts, are not done in hotel rooms alone. Some are done in the security of the producer’s home, or places that’s so ‘innocent’ that you’ll never suspect that there are wild things going on in it.

I applaud the autorities for wanting to take action on this matter, but they’re definitely in need of good luck.


  1. eharmony gay dating site says: hong kong cupid dating site

    Clerf, your blog seems to be getting hornier with each passing day! hehe

    When I read your first para where you said “They are paid to do so…, and I speak this from experience”. Although I udnerstand what you meant when i read subsequent paragraphs, but by putting it in the first para, it tends to give a different meaning. It is saying that you had done it too!


  2. cleffairy says: widow dating tips

    =.= not so free to do that lah…i was bullied into doing group assignments-I was the pathetic nerd back then…got stuck doing assies while the others are doing hanky panky themselves, and my body goes into a shut down mode every time it’s Sat and Sun… sleep like pig whole day long. Not to mention, i babysit for neighbour for $$, while others stuck in bed doing wild things, I get stuck with diapers and poopies and baby’s wailing! My only enjoyment back den was pirated VCD and McD! *sigh* I’m a junky, luckily I have the body of lidi, no matter how much I eat, i cannot grow! haha. So fun showing off to people how ‘blssed’ i am. i can eat anything i wan and not worry bout wight! WHAHAHA.

    You know, uncle warrior, i think you must worry for your daughters too, since they’re in uni…I believe you raise them well and they wun do these sort of things… but you see, so many evil out there. Scary, isn’t it? What is our world coming to….

  3. KevinP says:

    Raising kids is a thorny issue… hold them too tight.. once let loose.. all hell break loose… hold them too loose… well.. we know the story.

    The problem is… what is the best way? I mean, I have two kids about to be teenies… 2 boys to be precise and they have friends who teaches them all these “stuff” and we have to correct their “perception”. We have to be liberal.. we have to be able to approach them as a friend to “advise” them. Gosh.. the learning curve is steep and full of pitfalls.. maybe warrior can enlighten us.. I just pray and hope my ways are adequate for them to turn out alright.

  4. eharmony gay dating site says:

    There is really no right or wrong methods as different familly has different values, different personalities, different environment and status, different….. What is right for one isnt necessarily right for another.

    To me, when a child has inculcate/posseses good universal values and ideals, respects his/her parents, his/her parents has somehow done good and can die in peace that thier children will be a fine human being.

    I am liberal in how I treat my children but the mrs is the opposite. Notwithstanding that, I tend to believe it is our different ideas/ideals and ways that made/mould our children the way they are now. They listen to us (more to me than the wife) and they understand and thus they dont rebel if we say no, they dont go around screwing public/private properties and other people lives and make their life miserable, they know the many boundaries and if they do make that occasional slip ups, they realsied it immediately and they are responsible for them. That is how they are now. I only need to REMIND them (which is rarely) from time to time when somehow, peer pressure, curiousity etcetc gets the better of their judgement.

    BTW, not to angkat my own when I mention those things above but just to let you two know that my 2 daughters are undergraduates currently, my 2 sons are still schooling and doing ok, they dont mix with bad hats, they dont have bad habits (that I am aware of), they dont rempit and bohsia themselves, they are where they should be at the relevent hours , they do not revolt or demosntrate or go to demos, they dont do “bad” things associated with out malaysian values. They practise give and take, they may not always get what they want or wish for but they know I like to pamper them with things and stuffs and new experiences and so it is ok to be told NO.

    My familly may not win any accolades and I could have done better but i am always thankful for what i have and for what my familly have and able to experience. We dont have bad experiences like being robbed, mobbed, accosted, hassled etcetc. As such I would like to think, that I am blessed and will be always grateful.

  5. cleffairy says:

    Parenting….nobody is perfect,but I do believe that the parents and children are learning from each other along the way. Patience and discipline( my dad believe in discipline, but i think he failed there abit, cuz I lack discipline, lol) are the essential ingredients in parenting. And yea, hold them too tight, they will rebel. But I think it’s important to make your children love you and respect you instead of fearing you, this way, they’ll try make sure that they will not disappoint you in any ways.

    Wah, uncle warrior… you have so many kids. My dad told me 2 daughters gives him enuff headache….anymore kids, his head will go completely bald.

  6. eharmony gay dating site says:

    Kev, one must have at least a son.

    My first son was born in Sweden when I stayed there for nearly 2 years.
    After we had him, he was always bullied by his 2 sis so he asked for a brother.

    Thats how we ended with 2 daughters and 2 sons.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Haha… what a reason to have sons… damn…i always wanted a brother…an elder one, that is, cuz i figure, the younger bro would probably bully me… but den again… I was firstborn, no chance of having an elder bro. And my parents simply refused to have more kids…my sis and i must be some sort of monster when we’re younger…

    Haha, so, Kevin, don’t you want a cute lil daughter to play with? you already have two sons…. LOL.

  8. Hawk Tan says:

    You guys are one lucky lot, so full of energy, do hope u don’t need the stuff from Pfeizer.
    Know what is the defination of marriage :
    Marriage is an instituition in which a man loses his Bachelor’s Degree and the woman gets her Masters

  9. KevinP says:

    Hawk, I have no need for Pfizer just yet. Marriage is the official announcement you make for undertaking a lifelong pledge of earthly suffer-RING. You certainly do not need Pfizer for that.

    No Clef, I dont think my wife and I will go for another… two is enough at this juncture. Unless I strike it rich in the next couple of years… which I think is unlikely.. LOL. I will continue being the average Malaysian Joe, bitching on everything that is going wrong in this country.

  10. cleffairy says:

    LOL… poor Kevin… but you’re right, raising children in Malaysia these days is an ultimate challenge, especially when education is also an issue-it’s expensive, and kids needs to be constantly competitive…

    LOL, Brother Daniel…”Marriage is an instituition in which a man loses his Bachelor’s Degree and the woman gets her Masters”, I guess can be applied to almost everyone.

    I tell you guys what, marriage consist of 3 rings, which is

    Engagement ring
    Wedding ring


  11. cleffairy says:

    Eh, Daniel bro, PI? As in Private investigator? OMG, like Bala… yea, i’m available… but depends… $_$ <<<< see me, mata duitan!

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