Dr M: Najib will never become PM

I took this article from The Star Malaysia 11th July 2008,

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will never become Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

Writing in his blog chedet.com, Dr Mahathir predicted that more accusations would be thrown at Najib to put him down until he would be deemed unfit to serve as Deputy Prime Minister.

“Someone who is considered more loyal to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi will be replacing him (Najib). However, the replacement candidate will not take over the top post in 2010 as he is inexperienced.

“Abdullah will be more than willing to remain in the post until the 13th general election,” wrote Dr Mahathir.

He also wrote that Abdullah did not practise what he preached when he gathered Umno division leaders and told them not to challenge him for the presidency.

“As usual, as in Umno administration under Abdullah, when a directive is given to obstruct an action, the president does not see himself subjected to it,” he said, adding that Najib would be assured that there would be no challengers for his job.


I’ve been having sneaky suspicion that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will not be replacing Pak Lah ever since Pak Lah’s maniacal son in law is made a ‘popular item’ in UMNO.  You see, Khairy is quite a popular lad, especially with those street youth that’s almost everywhere in Malaysia. Imagine the power he has over all of those mat rempit and what he can do with them. He have the power to influence these people to do almost anything he asked of them. I shudder to think of the consequences when he finally decided to use his pawns.

These days, I can no longer respect Najib for his contributions in Malaysian Armies and Defense, as it is hard to respect him as a strong and capable general when he is going around like a weak wounded kitten, denying accusations thrown to him as well as behaving like a ‘mess cleaner’ to the mess that Pak Lah made. Actually, frankly speaking, someone is slowly benefiting with all of the Anwar vs Najib issue, and it’s definitely not Anwar.

I agree with Tun Dr. M that Najib will not be PM, and to me, even if he did, he’ll only be inheriting the collateral damage and mess from Pak Lah’s reign. Let’s say  he did become PM, and wants to repair the damage and mess that has been made, it will not be all easy and rosy in Bolehland. To me, it doesn’t matter who is to be PM after Pak Lah, because the damage that has been done is almost irreversible, and it’s hard to gain trust from the public, since BN has been doing nothing but having scandal and ‘punishing’ the citizens for their huge loss in the previous general election. If the next PM is not from UNMO, one should wonder what strong  BN (UMNO) supporters is going to do to make the new PM’s career a living hell.

 Cleffairy: I wonder why Tun Dr. M did not make any of his sons a popular BN lad and even forbids them to even be active in politics while Pak Lah introduces his ‘Bapak of Mat Rempit’ son in law immediately after he takes the PM’s helm.


  1. warrior2 says:

    Because semua anak lelaki dia lembik? Tak ada charisma? Not a leader but more of a follower?

    It has always been that the no 2 cant outshine the no 1. Sebab itu those who tried before got BUTTed out.

    Najib is in the same dillemma. Should he or shouldnt he be outstanding and in the fore front of things?
    There are talks that he wont be the next PM and that there is a bigger play behind the scene to pit anwar and najib (to get to eachothers troat or butts).

    On the sideline, if you notice, all previous PM except for mahathir were arts student and thats why they SUCK!

    I have this view that science educated persons are better in running organisations or the country. Before Kevin or you hentam me, its only a view.

  2. cleffairy says:

    LOL… now I think i know why my old man tried to drill MATHS MATHS MATHS into my head… but my brain like tek reti bahasa… dono how to do maths…The only science i was good at during my SPM years is Biology and Chemistry… my Physics and math… like poop… very smelly.

    When your father is a strong piece of rock, yea, maybe that’s why it’s so hard to surpass the father.

    On Najib…how the hell is he to outshine the rest when he’s constantly smeared with scandal?

    Eeeyerr, I don’t dare kutuk the dead lah…we can do nothing about the previous PM’s (before Tun Dr. M) performance, but we can look into history and try to improvise… but from the look of it, the current governmey have alot ROOMS FOR IMPROVEMENTS, but they don’t seem to be doing anything about it but korek korek korek and mencekik darah rakyat!

  3. KevinP says:

    This wily old man …. aisay Warrior… why wld I hentam you la?

    Najib is tainted so bad, he would not be PM. But old man is pre-empting it by spinning another yarn of tale… still believing that his “annointed” choice will still be PM. But I wonder if he will STILL be around to witness it.

  4. KevinP says:

    Clef, I think old man kicking himself for trying to look righteous that now his son is reduced to a pariah in UMNO while he is OUT of it.

    While sleepy head put his Rempit-ting SIL in on “merit” just because he is an Ox-farter…. he has finally manage to prove to old man that he is indeed smarter than old man. Why try to look righteous when the whole wide world knows you are not?

  5. pamina says:

    org tua tu mulut masin…and for what its worth, at least he’s much cleverer than the arses currently calling themselves govt of malaysia :p

  6. cleffairy says:

    LOL…I daresay a primary school kid can bring up better issue and provide better solution as a PM than all of these court jesters that have the cheek to call themselves ‘THE GOVERN-MEN’.

  7. fuckumnobn says:

    i dont want any umno people to be PM. the royalty is doing nothing to help rakyat. they are all silent. the royalty shall now have the rakyat money anymore. they should fend for theyselves. what for we are paying the kings and queen if they dont get rid of umno-bn ASAP but just keeping quite. stupid shit. and not forgetting the stupid DBKL that is installing all these parking machine. damn u DBKL, hope ur officers, ur high ranking officers and all ur families burn in hell.

    the raykat is really in deep shit now. we need to revolt and kill all these bastards. cannot take it anylonger. ISA is also stupid. taking the innocent and putting them in jail without trial. nowadays in malaysia it seems that the people who does wrong goes scot free and the one who does not do nothing goes to jail. umno-bn is truly a zimbabwe party. full of shit to the fullest. the pm talk cock all the time and his mouth smells shit. shit hamid albar the ISA man put everyone in ISA like its his hotel california. check in and never check out. and the C4 TPM is dumb and bad as hell. khairy beruk in one other thing, like money so much and he want everyone to go backrupt.

    these people look like they are not afraid of god and have forgotten god. they are muslim but they do bad things without fear of hell and god punishment. they are truly a dajal. fuck them all.

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