Dining with Obama in Smashies

Anyone here is a big fan of burger? Not sure if you are, but I’m pretty much a big fan. Apart from sandwiches, burger is my favourite, especially when I’m rushing for dateline. They are fast, easy to eat and hassle free. Whenever I’m rushing for a dateline, I would simply take away some of our local Ramly burger by roadside. Cheap and easy.

I have recently discovered that apart from the fast food joints and roadside, I can also get my burger from the mushrooming fancy burger restaurants. There’s one nearby home in Setapak that I usually pass by and have yet to find time to try. So when a bunch of us bloggers were invited to the launching of their restaurant and new menu, I got all excited.

The interior of the restaurant is pretty unique and fancy. It is not too big, but can cater to a moderate crowd. I won’t exactly recommend you to dine during the peak hour, but do go ahead and drop by during the less busy time. You’d not only feel comfortable with the environment then, but also the service would probably be efficient too.


A lil bit of history crash course on how  Smashies were founded, for those who are wondering.

Neway, as I said, a bunch of us bloggers were invited for the launching of Smashies restaurant and their new menu so here’s the group photo of the happy faces who were the early birds during the event.

Spotted some men in black outside, and I instantly wondered who was in the car! OMG…I wonder if it’s James Bond? Or Bruce Wayne? Hmmm…must be someone important.

And surprise, surprise… the VVIP who came for the launching.Mr. Barack Obama himself, the President of The United States of America. For a moment, I was taken aback, but it was just a gig, of course. The real Mr. President was probably busy jet- setting in his Air Force One or burning the midnight oil in his Oval Office in White House or something.

The president’s lookalike, giving his presidential approval for Smashies burgers

Taking the presidential oath to be a faithful Smashies fan.

Erm…poor Mr. President. Now that he has taken the oath and swears it on the Holy burger and becomes the Smashies VIP, he can’t go around and having Big Mac in McD anymore. Oh we’ll, hopefully his kids will not ask for any Happy Meals, or the poor guy would be in BIG TROUBLE.


Debuting at the media launch was ‘I am Single’, ‘Happy Cow’ and ‘Shroom Bomb’ but  invited media were generously allowed to make our own order, I was really surprised cuz I thought they are letting us try their new burgers, but who is complaining? I’m certainly not complaining, not when I get to choose any burgers that I want from the menu.

The burger buns that are used in Smashies are uniquely coloured and flavoured, but don’t worry about artificial flavourings cuz the it’s all made from natural ingredients.

All of us bloggers ordered different kinds of burgers so that we could sample bit of everything, and here is what I tried.Twilight Bella…definitely not for those who hates Twilight Saga. LOL! For a moment, I wondered if there will be any Twilight Jacob or Twilight Edward. But unfortunately for me, there’s no yummy werewolf or sexy vamp on the menu. Tsk. Too bad.

Lord of The Mess. Not recommended for the neat freaks. The burger can be rather tricky to eat. 😛


Portobello fries, and all these cholesterol were washed down with Coke. Yea, I know…not healthy, but heck… girl just wanna have fun. 😛


Wanna know more about Smashies? Or wanna meet Mr. Obama in person? Well, ketchup…I mean, catch up with them on their FB page HERE

Smashies Burger

Lot 126-G-5, Metro Genting,

Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak,

53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business hour: 12.20pm-11.30pm


Cleffairy: Looking at the menu makes me wanna watch movies. The burgers are named after famous blockbuster movies. 😀





  1. Twilight Man says:

    Oh! I know about this famous Obama from Indonesia whom I saw on TV. He looks more handsome and younger than the real thing. Does his wife also look like Michelle?

    I love good burgers! The bigger is the merrier!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahahah, Cikgu& Twilight Man… actually we do go to the same events sometimes. I mean, Isaac and I. There was the Nomad Office, The Old Town and the most recent one is this one, but I did not meet Isaac at Smashies… he went to the morning media session I think. 😀

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