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Do you smoke? Well, I don’t know if you smoke or not, but hell, I don’t smoke. In fact, I HATE smokers, but then again, I ended up being married to a smoker anyway. I have no idea what’s wrong with law of attraction. It must be somewhat screwed up where the smoking universe is concerned cuz I while I hate smokers and their nasty huff-puffing habit, I still ended up married to one.

Darn. I thought not liking something will keep them away from you instead of attracting them to you? Oh well, perhaps like most laws in the world, law of attraction have loopholes too, and attracting smokers is one of those loopholes.

Anyway, I was saying, I don’t really like people who smoke in my presence, but being married to a smoker means that huffing the smoke when my husband is smoking is rather inevitable. Since I couldn’t really get my husband to ditch his nasty habit, I kinda turn a blind eye to it until one fine day, I discovered that I don’t have to actually inhale those nasty smelling cigarettes smell whenever he’s smoking in the car or in the house anymore, as long as he’s smoking e cigaret instead of a traditional ciggs.

I was skeptical about E-ciggs at first, but I’m happy to report that the stuff works wonder. It’s an electronic, digitalized version alternative of cigarettes.You don’t have to actually light up your cigarettes with a lighter to start smoking as it’s battery operated.

Heavy smokers might feel apprehensive about trying the E- ciggarettes, but trust me, it is enough to satiate a hardcore smoker’s craving for nicotine and yet friendly for those non-smokers as it doesn’t stink, and the ‘smokes’ are actually vaporized air. The best part? You can choose any flavours that you like for the cigarettes. Yup, that’s right…they have a variety of flavoring liquids for e-cigarettes on sale, and that includes chocolates, coffee, vanilla and many more.

Electronic cigarette like ego t works wonder. If you’re a smoker, and wants to smoke indoors without making everyone else around you suffer the horrible smoke that you’re puffing, you might want to try them out for a change.




  1. dating 40 says:

    I kinda hate ppl puffing ciggarette ash to my face…as long as tak puff to my face, I’m okay wif it liao. Oso hate it when people smoke indoors…stinks!

  2. Twilight Man says:

    This post is funny.

    I smoked for some 18 years since schooling but managed to quit before I got married, so my wife is free from my bad habits. Now I started to hate smokers too and my whole office are all smokers except the accountant and myself. My bosses are brainless and smoke in their rooms & during meetings! There is no law for smoking here!

    Your hubby could try to see a hypnotist who could guarantee to kick his habit in 1 session.

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