Easy fight? Under expectation? Yes? No?

All of you might notice that I haven’t been ranting about politics or write any ‘fairy tales‘ for some time, and I thought it’s high time I write something about it. For those who have been watching Malaysian politics as if they’re watching some gruesome fights would probably know about the Kuala Terengganu by-election.

The ‘sumo wrestlers’ were PAS, BN and a private candidate if I’m not mistaken. (well, when I last watched news, the private candidate didn’t express that he would withdraw from the election or anything, so I assume he fought for it as well, though the news don’t give a damn about him)

It was a close fight.PAS won the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary with a majority of 2,631 votes. PAS candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut wallop a total 32,883 votes compared to Barisan Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, who only managed to bash up 30,252 votes.

The loser, BN candidate Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh was said to accept his loss with open arms and no regrets, and i wonder what actually contribute to his attitude? Does he already expect that he will be screwed despite of the massive campaign that had been done before the election for him?

As far as I’m concern, the seat belonged to BN before the by-election was required(The man who holds the KT seat was a BN feller), so why are there changes in voting pattern? Why PAS manage to snatch the seat from BN? I have a few possible answers on why PAS won the seat this time despite of the fact that the seat originally belonged to BN in the first place.

1. The people are getting sick of empty promises and the the BN government’s lack of ability to stabilize the economy back in 2008.

2. Some people felt that the BN government were being unfair to the citizens after their lost in the 2008 GE. They felt as if they were punished, and so now they are just returning the favour.

3.People think that BN candidates were not genuine and do not truly care for the citizens. They only busied themselves running around a few weeks before election, spreading their propaganda during the campaign period. The citizens do not know the man in question at all before the by-election was announced.

4. The people are becoming more and more politics literate and knows how to think for themselves instead of just obeying and swallowing whatever the ruling party requested and said.

5. The people really wanted changes in Malaysia, and through the by-election, they hope to remind BN what they had send across during the GE in 2008, which is they want changes in Malaysian government, and since BN couldn’t provide a good and transparent government, they voted for the opposition instead.

6. The people couldn’t forgive BN government for causing nasty inflation as a result of raising the petrol price earlier in 2008, so by hook or by crook, they want BN government down from the helm.

7. The people are sick of people who claimed themselves to be ‘experienced’ in governing the country but do nothing but talk only.

8. People are sick of the by-election campaign where BN fellers fully utilize the mainstream media to expose ill news about PAS&co and seems to sabotage more than assure the citizens that they will continue to serve.

9. People wants BN to stop being in denial and start to realize that they are no longer a no.1 choice. The people wants BN fellers to stop being cocky.

10. People lack confidence towards Datuk Seri Najib’s impending premiership as he was a yes man where Pak Lah is concern. And having so much scandal and rumours about him does not help to. (Altantuya, Eurocopter, etc)

I can name a few more reason why BN lost, but I think it’s quite a clear message isn’t it? People want changes in Malaysia and they will continue to send the message across until they get what they want. This is my two pence. What say you?

Cleffairy: The government’s job is to serve the people, not be served by people. That goes the same with politician. Politician are suppose to do things for the people, not the other way around.


  1. coughfairy says:

    *yawn* boring.. nobody is interested in your political views “cleffairy”. take your pendidikan moral lessons elsewhere and stop contributing to garbage on the internet.. get some exercise bitch.. it’ll be good for you..

  2. cleffairy says:

    Zara, our politics are getting more and more screwed up than before. I wonder when all these nonsense will stop. Bn seems to loose reign after Dr. M retired.

    Isley, whoa! V-for Vendetta! You’re right. I was searching for the right word for what’s going on with BN… Vendetta’s the word.

    , I have no moral, and I like it that way. You go get some condoms and get some sex, spinster! Will be good for you too. No partner ah? Go find in Chow Kit lah…

  3. amoker says:

    Cleff, good write up. Any thinking Malaysians should not shut off our brains to socio political challenges that is real in the landscape.

    The controlling nature comes from TDM himself. He was so autocratic. Like Kuan Yew, both of them were champions for those times and may even find it challenging in the current times.

    That is why the ketuanan cannot accept that people have views and rights.

  4. calvin says:

    what more can i say……you have sixth sense, you can read my mind 😛 absolutely agree with your post. pssst…i heard BN oso when to other religious congregation and gave away so called “donations”…err charitable fund. *ahem* a majority of the population was very much against it.

  5. cleffairy says:

    Amoker, sad thing is, Malaysian tend to not see what’s going on around them until the environment are affecting their pockets. But when they started to open their eyes and tried to do something about it, it’s almost too late to undo the damages.

    Calvin… eiii… I also heard about the ‘rumours’ about the ‘donations’, but people are keeping hush hush about it. LOL… anyway, I kinda expected this result… should have gone gambling to earn money or something… wud a pity, no bookie! LOL…

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