Eat, Play, Love: Experiencing the Magic with Fantastica 2

Stop! Don’t turn your screen upside down yet. You’re seeing that right. The picture is meant to be upside down like this. This is one of the fantastical performance I’ve had the pleasure to witness during my trip to Genting last week.

 photo upsidedownceilingwalker2_zps949de61f.jpg

Here’ s introducing to you the Upside Down Ceiling Walker, performing century-old history of Indian tradition and culture. The Upside Down Ceiling Walker walks inverted with their feet stuck to the ceiling, defying law of gravity.

 photo Upsidedownceilingwalker_zpsd424d381.jpg

The late Sir Isaac Newton would toss and turn in his grave should he see this. Upside Down Ceiling Walker playing tennis, hanging 30feet above the ground.

 photo AZZ_6051_zpsd2a3fe3c.jpg

They don’t just walk and play tennis, they danced beautifully too. This is something you have to witness for yourself to believe.

 photo AZZ_6173_zps124ac66f.jpg

Comedic ballet act performed by Portuguese performer Dany Daniel and dancer Edina is perhaps one of the most memorable performance to me and the rest of my blogger friends that night. Why do I say this? Hahaha…well, that’s because my husband was dragged up to the stage to perform ballet with them in front of hundreds of audience, in full tutu dress and accessories, no less. That, my dear readers, is something truly unforgettable. To see my husband who have qualms wearing even a pink shirt on stage in a tutu skirt is priceless. LOL.

 photo Europeandancers2_zpsc7c26918.jpg

Those who appreciate energetic and powerful performance will not be disappointed too. The European dancers will entertain you with contemporary dance routine by 14 international free stylist. Dancing is not all they will do for you. There’s runway show too, something the artists and fashionistas will be able to appreciate..

 photo IMG_4061_zps5145e608.jpg

Dance performance

 photo IMG_4067_zps19e4b277.jpg

Dancer mingling with the crowd

 photo janoyang2_zps86762380.jpg

If you think that’s all Fantastica! 2 have to offer, then I’m sorry to burst your bubbles. One thing that’s not to be missed is the manipulation of foan by Jano Yang in the Gazillion Bubble Show.

 photo janoyang3_zps5f2705e9.jpg

Bubble magician Jano Yang, manipulating the foam.

 photo janoyang_zpsebe47614.jpg

The showcase of bubbly magic is truly enchanting.

 photo janoyang4_zpsd572c911.jpg

Jano Yang will definitely mesmerize you with his bubble manipulation skills. Will you just look at that?

 photo AZZ_6345_zpsd22d43e4.jpg

Unbubblievable! His skillful artistry without a doubt enchanted me and my family that night.

 photo AZZ_6590_zpsa85c9caf.jpg

Heart-stopping performance by Rola Rola Man, Dany Daniel. Yup. He’s the one who performed the comedic ballet with the beautiful ballet dancer Edina earlier on.

 photo AZZ_6618_zps207d507e.jpg

Just look at him balance himself here. Gosh. He certainly make me feel nervous. I felt as if my heart was in my mouth when he did this.

 photo DeoAquaMermaids3_zpsc4f488a3.jpg

Mesmerizing and enchanting is next is the beautiful Deo Aqua Mermaids.

 photo IMG_4057_zps40f42635.jpg

Coming all the way from the internationally renowned Khulan Circus, stunning Mongolian beauty Anudari and Khaliun aimed to impress with their aquatic agility.

 photo DeoAquaMermaids_zps28a22cdd.jpg

Deo Aqua Mermaids in the aquarium

 photo DeoAquaMermaids2_zpsa4ee3252.jpg

Outstanding performance by Deo Aqua Mermaids.


 photo IMG_4045_zps987331e9.jpg

Perfectly synchronized

 photo IMG_4051_zps379649c8.jpg

Neck-breaking stunt by Deo Aqua Mermaids.

 photo Fantasticacastgroupphoto_zps24b94602.jpg

Overall, Fantastica! 2 is an amazing experience for me qnd my family. One for the album, the entire Fantastica 2 casts.

5 dazzling and enchanting acts in one show. Something you should consider if you are looking for some quality and memorable time with your family this school holiday.

The wonders of Fantastica!2 will be showing in Resorts World Genting from 2nd Nov 2013 onwards. The tickets are now on sale at RM115 (VIP), RM85 (PS1), and RM55 (PS2) for adults while tickets for children are prices at RM60(VIP), RM45 (PS1), and RM30 (PS2). If you book your tickets from today onwards to 15th Nov 2013, you can enjoy a 40% early bird discount, applicable to all price scale. Genting Reward Card members will get to enjoy special 30%discount while non members enjoy special 20% discount if tickets booking are made between 16th to 30th November 2013.

To witness the wonder of Fantastica!2, hop over to or call (603) 27181118 for ticket bookings and reservations.

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