Eat, Play, Love: Dinner with Loved Ones at Coffee Terrace Resorts World Genting

After enjoying the puppet show with my loved ones and blogger friends, our host ushered us to Coffee Terrace, located at the Lobby Floor Genting Grand.


Dinner was buffet style and there are varieties of food to choose from;Local Favourites, Nyonya Delights, Japanese, Malay, Chinese etc. Diners are spoiled for choices, but it was full house that night and famished cuz I skipped lunch, I simply grab what I can.


Deep fried sea bass and greenbeans from Western counter.

 photo IMG_3937_zpsf6684bad.jpg

A little something from Western stall. Grilled lamb with black pepper  stuffed roast beef, Mac and cheese. The lamb and the beef were beautifully done no gamey taste or funny smell whatsoever, and I can’t find any faults with the rich and creamy Mac and cheese.
 photo IMG_3941_zps205407f7.jpg

A little something from Chinese and Japanese stall: Fried squid balls, deep fried crab and oyster pancake (oh chien). Fried squid balls and deep fried crabs was all right. Adeptly fried, but I find the oyster pancake was too gooey and rubbery to my liking.

 photo IMG_3942_zps78844b85.jpg

On Hubby’s plate: Grilled lamb, grilled chicken breast, pasta and sauteed long beans. I sampled some. These are all right too, but hubby did not like the pasta that much. According to him, it was rather bland.

 photo IMG_3952_zpsdff3c436.jpg

Penang Lorbak drizzled with sweet and savoury sauce from Local Favourites. Kiddo loves this. Had two helpings of these. 😀

 photo IMG_3939_zpsa00cb0bf.jpg

Assorted sushi and sashimi from Japanese stall. A must have should you patronize Coffee Terrace.

 photo IMG_3950_zpsfa1d9ff6.jpg

Desserts that my husband and I shared. I was rather full and not much of a sweet tooth, I only sampled the ice cream and the jellies. 😀

 photo IMG_3944_zps699870ee.jpg

Desserts on kiddo’s plate.

And desserts on Wendy‘s plate. She couldn’t finish some of it, so in the end my boy hijacked em and helped her clean her plate. 😀

The food was great, but the glutton in me regret the fact that I overlooked the current promotion that’s ongoing in Coffee Terrace. They are having this West Coast vs East Coast Food Promotion where regional Malaysian cuisine will battle it out for culinary supremacy. Feast from both sides of peninsula is offered to diners and I foolishly overlooked it when I was there. Talk about being too hungry. LOL.Well, I guess there’s always next time.

The West Coast vs East Coast food promotion will be offered from 18 to 30th November 2013, pricing at merely RM88 nett (adult) and RM45 nett (child). Buffet lunch is available from 12.00noon to 2.30pm while buffet dinner is available from 5.00pm to 9.30pm.

Should you wish to enjoy the tantalizing spread from both Malaysian coasts, do check out www.rwgenting or call 03-61011118 for more information.


Cleffairy: Next up will be a post on Fantastica 2

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