Editor’s Pick: 10 Things You Should Not Miss During Tastefully Food& Beverage Expo

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So okay, I’ve checked out Tastefully Food Expo in MVEC earlier, and as a food lover, I must say that the expo does not disappoint. Yes. It was overly crowded and can be quite overwhelming. But most expos are just as crowded and here’s a quick guide on some not to be missed things in the expo:

1. Cooking demo. There are plenty of cooking demo over here in Tastefully Food Expo. But do check out the OKK booth, featuring all things vegetarians. You can sample loads of mock meat and learn how to cook em too.

Cooking demo at Tastefully Food&Beverage Expo

Here’s a video of a Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Chicken dish being prepared.

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Looks like the real deal? Well, it tastes like a real deal too.

2. Sampling the the cakes. Don’t forget to sample some cakes and cookies. There are plenty around but here’s one that I think is pretty good; Wonderful Cake House(Booth 253).

 photo 20161111_143531_zpsim4gjb9t.jpg

They are offering plenty of richly baked cookies from the oven

 photo 20161111_143545_zps4hfp5xoq.jpg

And delectable chilled cheesecakes

 photo 20161111_144810_zpsng2p2rqs.jpg
And yes while you are samplinv for pastries, drop by Glamour Crispy Puff ( Booth 237)Their puffs are to die for too.

3. For the health concious, do head over to the Canton Kitchen. They are offering the best of Ginger and Ginger Powder straight from the farm in Bentong.

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Huge giant ginger straight from the farm.

 photo 20161111_145908_zpstahfds3x.jpg

Diligently made ginger powder.

4. Love all things cute and Japanese when it comes to food? Don’t forget to stop by ZP Food Import&Export Sdn Bhd (Booth 178 & 179) 

 photo 20161111_151905_zpsglwvk7om.jpg

There are loads of Japanese food and goodies over here. The best part? It is in Ringgit and doesn’t exactly cost that much. But Muslim consumers might need to be more alert here.

 photo 20161111_151916_zpsmnotq92b.jpg

Not everything sold here are Muslim friendly, especially Ramen. So please read up the label and be extra mindful before you make a purchase.

5. Can’t live without instant noodles? They are not the healthiest. Why not try these gems from On Lee Noodles instead?

 photo 20161111_153101_zpsf7cykdy0.jpg

These noodles have no preservatives and made strictly with natural flavourings.

6. Do away with smoking and vaping and go for Dragonbreath nitrogen biscuits instead.

 photo 20161111_154129_zpsiraxlr0z_edit_1478888842599_zps3wb7gu3b.jpg

These biscuits are not your ordinary biscuits. But they turned you into a dragon.

#EllieTravels: Trying out nitrogen biscuit at Tastefully Food&Beverage Expo 2016 @MVEC

Check this out. I’m smokin’, literally. The biscuits are not only cool to eat but deliciously fun too.

7. In need for some quick, hot and spicy meal?

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Head over to D’Laksa  (Booth 163) and help yourselves with a bowl of Asam Laksa. This one’s fantastic.

8. Need some caffeine fix?

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Drop by Paparich (Booth 158) and grab some of your favourite 3 in 1 White Coffees. They have new ones that is sweetened with Stevia, a healthier alternative to sugar.

9. Wants some good nutty boost so that you can keep on going? Get yourselves some trailed nuts at Nutty Lovers.

 photo 20161112_020344_zpsq8jwxn1r.jpg

These, my dear readers, are packed with energy.

10. Last but not least, remember to stay hydrated.

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Grab a can of drinks of two from F&N booth (Booth 220 – 231) They have plenty of new line of juices and cola, so do help yourselves with these.

There you go. 10 good reasons to drop by Tastefully Food&Beverage Expo.

Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2016 will be held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC), Level 3, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia from 11th – 13th November 2016 (10am – 9pm), so if you are game for some fantastic deal and delicious food, go on over and I’ll see you there. Entrance is free, just in case you are wondering.

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