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I’m not sure if any of you ladies have low self-esteem problems after you tie the knot, but at some point, I certainly have that problem. You see, after elevating my status to a married woman and a mother, I concentrate too much on being a wife and a mother and neglected being myself to the point I even forgot how to communicate with people who are not my family.Trust me, having coup up at home just to take care of your husband and kid 24/7 for so many years consecutively does that to you!

At some point during my marriage, I think I was merely a wife and a mother instead of myself. I stopped doing things that I like, I stopped having fun, I stopped dressing up and taking good care of myself, and I definitely stop taking time for myself. When I looked into the mirror, I looked ugly, haggard, and tired.

This is something that all chauvinist swine of a husband would applaud, but I think this is wrong and a complete violation of women’s right. A woman should not lose herself to motherhood and marriage. She should not stop being herself when she got married and have babies.

A woman should not stop being her confident, beautiful self just because  she’s married with children, and she should not restrict herself just being surrounded in the four walls of her home just because the society expects her to do so.

If a woman restrict herself to just being a wife and mother who dedicate herself to see her husband’s needs and picks up after her children’s mess, then she is no different from an unpaid maid.

I realized how these things are eating me inside out, and so, I decided to stop being so self-sacrificial. Enough is enough. I got to love myself more, and marriage should nurture me into a more beautiful and a wiser person, not the other way around.

Anyway, having said that reminds me that I would like to introduce to you ladies a full-service image consulting firm, Bkay Nair Resources (BNR). Bkay Nair Resources will definitely be useful if you want to change into a better version of yourselves but not sure where and how to start.

Last week, I was invited to attend the soft launching of Bkay Nair Resources (BNR) where where they showcased their comprehensive image consulting company which aims to help their clients recreate themselves by discovering their hidden personalities within.

Bkay Nair Resources’ services includes hosting image consulting seminars, workshops, special programs, individual services, and private consulting, all relating to the physical, social, psychological, and aesthetic aspects of personal appearance and self-presentation in all ways of life. They also work with individuals, businesses, industries, universities, schools, government, and organisations, customizing programs and services to deliver extraordinary results that meet and exceed expectations.

During the intimate event in Temptation Kitchen Changkat, the Bkay Nair, the owner of BKay Nair Resources stressed on how important it is for us to feel  comfortable with ourselves. She also mentioned how important it is for us to give a good first impression to the public so that we can attract more positive aura and achieve greater things in whatever we’re doing. I couldn’t agree more on that, as when you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships.

During the soft launching, there was a fashion showcase where the models showcase the designs from Nila Palacious, an expert in Latin fashion.

From left the model, Nila Palacious and the rest of the girls.

Apart from the fashion show, there’s also a make up demo. We were shown how to put on night make up. Kinda cool, cuz I’m hopeless in that department. I usually go around without make up.

From left: The model and the make up artist.

These picture is taken after the event. Bkay is in the middle. She’s the lady in gold and blue dress. I’m sure some of you would feel that she looks quite familiar. Well, she is quite a familiar face in the local entertainment industry. She was Miss India Tourism 2007/2008 and Miss Malaysia India Global 2008/2009. Bkay has done over four films including Ratu The Movie, Raya Tak Jadi, Bujang Terlajak, and Ngorat in the past few years. Bkay has also played key roles in various TV series such as Dewa Cinta, Gerak Khas, Musim Kirana, and Suara Banduan. 😀

If you had same problems like I used to have, the lack of confidence and poor image and whatnot, you might want to consider looking into Bkay Nair Resources. They can help you build your confidence and revamp you into a better version of yourselves.

Here’s their contact information, in case you wanna check them out:

Bkay Nair Resources
23A-12A, Rhythm Avenue,
USJ 19,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0162329365/ 0127731502


You may also check Bkay’s blog HERE for more updates.

Cleffairy: Loving yourself a little bit more does not mean you love your loved ones less, so love yourself first before you love others.


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