Frontera Sol of Mexico Ramadan Offerings

Bored with all the normal breaking fast offerings? Well, why not try something different. Say,some Tex Mex? I know a really cool, authentic Mexican restaurant that will blow you away with all of it’s offering this Ramadan.

The restaurant’s ambience is very romantic and dimmed in the evening, so it’s not really friendly for low end cameras at night. If you intend to take lotsa foodie pictures in this restaurant, be sure to bring your DSLR or something for better quality. My camera is a lousy old camera, so please forgive me for the lack of photo quality.

Food-wise, I can assure you that they will spoil you with choices.

They have special buffet spread during Ramadan

Frontera Sol of Mexico Ramadan’s offering kicks off with appetizers like soup of the day

And the salad station with plenty of dressings and side dishes to choose from.

There’s two types of brushchetta. One is mushroom brushchetta

While another one is chicken brushchetta. I got to say that I fancy the mushroom one more than the chicken brushchetta. I have no idea why, but I suppose the mushroom tantalized my senses more than the chicken ones.

Tofu tostada

Taquitos de Pollo – small rolled up tortillas stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings such as chicken or beef.

Fish tacos

Finger licking good BBQ chicken wings

Mexican rice…duzzin look so appetizing, huh? But I can vouch for the taste. The taste was divine.

Same goes with the mashed potatoes. They don’t look so appetizing, but it’s really fluffy and tasted really good. Goes well with the Mexican rice.

Anyway, I took a bit of everything during the buffet. Took the rice and mashed potatoes, two types of tacos, (fish and chicken tacos) tofu and beef tostadas, two types of brushchettas

And of course, some salads and Taquitos de Pollo.

I got to warn you folks, though. If you intend to enjoy this Ramadan buffet offerings, you might want to consider going easy on the buffet spread as the buffet comes with a choice of mains.

I chose a set of Texas burger as my main and I ended up almost too full from the starters to enjoy the Texas burger.

Anyway, if you think your dining experience ends there, then you’re wrong. You’ll also be spoiled for choices in the dessert department, so if you’re a fan of desserts and sweet stuff, you’ll enjoy their dessert selection very much.

Mexican flan

Fiesta de Fruita

Brownies for the chocolate lovers

Tres leches cake. Literally translated as ‘three milk cake’. Made from three types of milk. Not exactly my favourite that night (cuz I always go for things that’s less sweet), but those who loves sweet cakes will definitely love this.

Refreshing fruit popsicles. One of my favourite in the buffet selection. Sweet and sourish.

Interested in going for Tex-Mex dishes this Ramadan? Well, hop over to Frontera Sol of Mexico. They’re having Ramadan Buffet promotion

Buffet price:

Adult: Rm50++ per pax

Children 4-12 yo Rm30++ per pax

Children below 4 yo: FREE

For Every 6 pax, 1 pax dines for free

From 24th July-18th August


Buffet conssists of:

12 starters

1 main course

6 desserts

Free flow of Ice lemon tea

And here’s some information on the place:


18-G-2, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti

46200 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 11am to 1am (Sun till Thurs) 11am to 2am (Fri & Sat) Live Music: Fridays & Saturdays (9.30pm onwards) Reservation: 03.7958.8515
Events: 012.2928.096 Email: [email protected] Web:

Cleffairy: And a special note to all pet lovers and animal lovers, Frontera Sol of Mexico is pet friendly. Yes! They are pet friendly! So bring your pets with you and knock yourselves out! πŸ˜€ I definitely love the fact that they are pet friendly, considering that I have a pet whom I’d like to bring along when I dine too! Not many restaurants in Malaysia is pet friendly, so I absolutely love Frontera Sol of Mexico!




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