Enter The Realm of Elemental Fantasy with Cré Art Circus Performance at KLPAC, Malaysia

When I was just a little girl, I was quite a naughty and a troubled little one. And whenever I get into trouble with my parents or my teachers for my mischiefs, my mind would run amok and I would fantasize about alot of things. My fantasy mainly revolves around escaping my life and among the common theme I usually fantasize about is running away from home to join the circus. I used to think that circus are really cool; with clowns and clever animals alongside mind-boggling stunts artists performing their extreme acts to impress the audience. I used to dream of joining the circus and travel the world to perform until one fine day, I happened to watch a documentary on the happenings behind the scene in a circus. Most of the stunts involved animals, and how they are broke-in and trained to perform circus acts are simply downright cruel and since then, I not only stopped fantasizing about joining the circus, but I vowed to never even watch a circus performance as well. I did not want to have anything to do with animal cruelties at all. It’s simply inhumane to lock up animals and make them do what you want them to do for your entertainment.


Then came along a friend who insist that I follow her and watch a circus performance by Cré Art Asia troupe.Cré Arts Asia is Southeast Asia’s largest modern contemporary circus troupe. This Malaysian production returns for the second time to take over center stage at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre( KLPAC). My first thought was to flatly reject the invitation but I was told that Cré Art does not condone cruelty towards animals. In the Cré Arts Asia show restage, there are strictly no animals involved. Performers consists of nothing but passionate artistes performing the show using pyrotechnics and skillful gravity-defying acts. Hearing that, I was pleased to accept her invitation, of course.


Gone are the days where animals, clowns are used as casts in a circus show.


Combining aerial and flow dance, visual arts and gravity-defying stunts, the show takes us on a journey to encounter creatures and beings of a planet far, far away, where imagination brings to life a fantasy world thriving on four elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire.


Audiences are transported into the world some 173 light years away to Planet V where Polynesian myths came alive.


The show is very straight forward and action packed.


Audiences are brought into one realm of elemental fantasy to another.

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Creative storytelling with vivid setting


Heart stopping acts that will render you speechless

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Beautifully choreographed scene

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Riveting performances that’s so hypnotic that it almost induce you into a trance.


If you need a little action and abit of escapism, I daresay that there’s nothing better than indulging in this Cré Art circus troupe’s performance. It’s worth every seconds of your time.

In conjunction with the year-end school holidays, ‘Cré will be staged from 30 November (Friday) – 2 Dec 2018 (Sunday) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) Sentul West where both daytime and evening shows will be available.

Tickets are priced from RM118, RM158 and RM198 at different seating areas. Children and senior citizens enjoys a reduced ticket price as well as those booking in groups. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) Debit and Credit Cardholders are entitled to a 10% discount on regular tickets prices. Claim a 15% discount when you use your GSC HLB Credit Card.

For more information on tickets and shows, please visit Cré Facebook Page or visit https://proticket.com.my/klpac-cre

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