Excellent food, excellent service in Flying Chillies

Last month, my dad gave me a surprise visit. He was having a meeting somewhere in town and he dropped by and took me to a posh Thai Cuisine Restaurant to eat. He was actually craving for my Tomyam, he said I make the best Tomyam ever, better than my grandfather’s Tomyam, much to my mum’s chagrin.

My mum have been trying to imitate my Tomyam but couldn’t seems to get it right and she gets pretty annoyed with my dad each time he compared our Tomyams. I find my dad’s preference hard to believe, though. I’ve always thought my grandfather’s Tomyam is still the best. πŸ˜€ Nothing beats my grandfather’s authentic Siamese Tomyam!

Anyway, my dad brought me to this restaurant called Flying Chillies, The Gardens, Midvalley. I have a lot of things to say about this restaurant. No… not a bad review, but a very good one. A 5 star review, in fact.

The service is really good and the staff are really friendly. They move as quick as lightning and served within 10 minutes despite the peak hour.

Flying Chillies Restaurant, 3rd Floor, The Gardens, Midvalley.

Very nice and intimate surroundings.

They were having this special promotion for Golden Tomyam Siakap, but we didn’t order that. Instead, we ordered these:

Spicy Seafood Tomyam for 2. I’ve requested it to be less spicy, cuz I know that in these Thai restaurant, their Tomyam are really really spicy. The Tomyam was still very spicy, but bearable. It’s sourish like what Tomyam is supposed to be, so I guess this Tomyam is up to my liking. It was generous with seafood too. Loads of huge King prawns, squids and flower crabs in it.

My dad ordered these for me. *grinz* he knows me best. It’s my favourite tempura calamari. Goes very well with their special Thai sauce dip.

Flying Chillies’ shrimp omelet. Initially I thought it’ll be one of those ordinary omelet, but it turned out it taste very nice. The omelet was laden with sweet shrimps and  and shredded carrots. Very yummy.

And the main star of the meal: Fried fish.

Dad wanted fish. I wanted mango salad. So we compromised. We ordered this fried fish topped with mango salad. πŸ˜€ I don’t quite fancy fishes, you see. I hate the bones. But to my surprise… this fried ‘siakap’ is boneless. The chef had de-boned it at my dad’s request. Dad must be scared that I’ll choke myself silly while helping him to eat the fish.

Since it was boneless, I gobbled it up without any complains. I love the mango salad, it’s to die for. Very fresh and crunchy with the right amount of ‘nampla’ (fish-sauce), sweetened fried anchovies as well as dried shrimps. There’s also fried peanuts in it.

My dad tend to go overboard when he order food or drinks for me. I was busy snapping pictures, and when I went back to the table… he ordered 3 drinks for both of us to share. All of it are my favourite. *FAINT* Orange juice, iced lemon tea and Coke.

Total damage to daddy’s pocket: Rm165.00. Very expensive, but the service and the food is great. We were never ignored and the food came to our table in less than 15 minutes.

Dessert was sourish lemon ice cream. No picture, though, cuz I forgot to take a photo of it. πŸ˜€

Wanna try this place out? Here’s the address:

Flying Chillies,
T219, Third Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287-7708 Fax: 03-2287-7710

Cleffairy: Next time I wanna eat at Tony Roma, Daddy! Let’s go eat the rib rack! Mwhahahaha!


  1. Annie Q says:

    Flying Chillies, i always pass by this place, but never go in, with my two boys very hard to have thai food. πŸ™

    Now you make me craving for tom yam soup! *sob sob sob*

    The food look good! Yumm!!!

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