Happy Birthday Cynderella

I am not very good in writing birthday greetings, so here goes, please bear with me. πŸ˜€

Not so long time ago, in a land not so far away, I met a modern age Cynderella. I got to know Cynderella through my blog, no less.

Cyn is a single mum to a beautiful princess whose name is Breanna (I prefer to call her Anna, though… easier for me). Malaysians would have stereotype Cyn for being a single mother, but I respect her and admire her a lot for being such a tough woman who raise her baby girl single handedly.

I never once think of her as pitiful, because I think she’s very strong and she could withstand any challenges thrown her way. Cyn is also a very, very ambitious lady, and she always have this ‘can do’ attitude.

*pic ‘stolen’ from Anna’s blog*

Beneath the tough, iron-lady exterior that Cyn portrays, lies a very sweet and sugary lady beneath. LITERALLY. Why do I say this? Well, elementary my dear readers. Cyn bakes. Yes… she bake cakes and cookies, and once you have a taste of her wonderful cooking, you’d be captivated and enchanted by it.

I have been one of her lucky… uh… lab rat who would devour her cookies and cakes each time she bakes, and I love Cyn’s chocolate cakes, chiffon cakes, muffins and the latest… her chocolate cream puffs! I love Cyn’s chocolate chip cookies too.

Cyn’s generosity knows no bound. She’ll always share the sweet stuff fresh from her oven each time we meet up, and I’d be delirious with joy. πŸ˜€ Oh, well a girl can get used to all of those sensational, fresh from the oven goodies. I wish I can say I feel guilty for gobbling and chomping down her cookies for free, cuz she’s actually selling them… but I really can’t. How to feel guilty devouring something that tastes sooooo heavenly? It’s a sin not to enjoy them. LMAO!

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of sweet and sugary stuff. I always prefer savoury food than sweet tasting foods. Sweet stuff makes me feel like want to vomit, but Cyn’s cakes and cookies never made me feel that way. Her cookies are not very sweet. Instead, they’re just nice. Her chocolate chips are fragrant, rich and buttery, and it practically melts in your mouth kinda cookies. Same goes with her cakes. Not too sweet, just nice and rich.

Today, 15th Nov is her birthday. And for the first time in my blasted 26 years of life… I wish I could really bake… so that I can bake a cake for this friend of mine. Unfortunately(or maybe lucky her, cuz she don’t have to eat my nasty cooking?) for Cyn… I’m completely hopeless when it comes to operating the oven. I even made my oven goes KABOOM after 3 month using it.

So… here I am, wishing her a very Happy Birthday via my writing instead of baking a birthday cake for her.

Happy Birthday, Cyn. God bless you and Anna always.

Cleffairy: *hint hint* I dun mind burnt cookies… kakakaka… if got burnt cookies, can feed me. LOL!

Next up in Over A Cuppa Tea: Cynful Pleasures. πŸ˜›


    • Cleffairy says:

      Actually horr… the first time I met Cyn, I was really intimidated with her ganas-ness. I was quite a recluse, but she managed to fish me out of my lair… LOL… scary man, that time. But I’m glad she dragged me out that time… or else I wouldn’t be so blessed with such a good friend who sumbat-ed me to makan at every single chance she get. (kesian me kot… looks so scrawny like a Somalian refugee…. LMAO)

      Anna is such a sweet and a petite baby, isn’t she? She used to be scared of me… but now… SOBS… always bully me and play drum on my tummy liao! Chamzzz….

  1. eugene says:

    I was happy to read and saw pictures of Cynthia with Breanna from Cikgu’s post during his trip in KL…. now i must zoom over her blog to wish her already…

    Happy Birthday Cyn

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