Executive vs. Legislative vs. Judiciary

What does children says about the separation of power in Malaysian constitution? Have a look. You need to be able to understand Federal Constitution, and Bahasa Malaysia to be able to understand this ‘joke’, though.

It is a misconception that one body is more powerful than another. Executive, legislative and judiciary have their own important role to play, and it is important to separate the power in order to avoid corruption and abuse.

  • Parliament-Legislator
  • Government -Executive
  • Courts-Judiciary

Executive, legislative and judiciary may functioned differently, but each of these body depend on each other in order to make law and order works.

Cleffairy: In the spirit of law and democracy, no one is more powerful than another. Each and everyone of us has an important role to play in nation building. Are we… Malaysian, truly democratic and alert of our nation’s needs? As a Malaysian, how much do you know about the constitution and practice it?


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… surely will pusing, cuz she is probably not well versed in the Federal Constitution. LOL… something I feel that teachers should be aware of. Actually, I am not aware Eugene wrote about politics today. But I assume… we both touched on politics because of the same reason. LOL…*points to the news*. It irks me!!!

  1. Bananaz says:

    Sori lah apa itu law & order I cuma tahu order ‘law mee’. Apa it undang undang yang I tahu udang udang galah yalah best. Ada lah Saturday Nite Fever tak pernah dengar politics fever why suddenly blogger kena po-lick-ticks virus pula? ish ish ish..

  2. CHVoon says:

    Last time, all three body is separated and not body cover over power to each other. This change by our x-prime minister who want to control the power. He is the one create this problem!

    Until today… it is getting worst… who have the power, he can do anything – e.g. kill people!

    • Cleffairy says:

      πŸ™ We no longer practiced true democracy in Malaysia these days.It is sad indeed. Then there’s a widespread abuse of these two articles.

      Perkara 10(1)(a): tiap-tiap warganegara adalah berhak bebas bercakap dan mengeluarkan fikiran

      Perkara 10(1)(b): semua warganegara adalah berhak berhimpun secara aman dan dengan tidak bersenjata.

      There’s no absolute freedom of speech in Malaysia. We cannot express our opinion freely without having to worry being accuse of threatening the national security and be charged under ISA. And, as long as we’re not speaking up for the ruling government, we are not allowed to demonstrate our opinion in peace.

  3. suituapui says:

    Understand? Many students…AND teachers would not be able to spell the words even AND many would not have any idea that there are such things!!!

    Btw, freedom of whatever would need to be controlled – no need to say, in between races and people. Try passing a comment on the missus – HABIS!!! Marah dah! Dua hari tak nak masak!!! Isn’t it the same…in essence at least?

    • Cleffairy says:

      It’s unfortunate for Malaysian teachers and students. We are not exposed to law and history much. Should have look at US and UK… the kids knows more about law and world histories. πŸ™ You ask any Malaysian kids age 9-10 where democracy originates from, they will scratch their head!

      True, freedom must be controlled to keep peace and harmony, but not restricted to the extend as long as we spoke badly of the government, we’ll only have one place to go-ISA.

      LOL… ur missus like any other women lerr…I accept critism on my food, dressing etc. I wouldn’t go berserk and mogok(cuz I can’t really stomach outside food), unless my hubby compares my cooking with his mum’s. That one, I damn pantang wan! He dare to say that, i’ll coldly tell him to cook himself, and we’re eating out for the rest of the week!

    • Cleffairy says:

      They’re donkeys… πŸ™ dun understand metaphor… πŸ™ Thank you, thank you so much for dropping a comment. So far, you are the only woman who comment on this. I was wondering if all women suddenly get terminated! πŸ™

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