Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: The English Garden

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The English Garden is a beautiful garden located just right in front of Theme Park Hotel in Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands.

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I’ve been to Genting Highlands countless times, but as I usually go to Genting Highlands for the live shows or just to simply chill out at my favourite cafe, taking a leisurely stroll in the English Garden has never been on my agenda, but fortunately enough for me, my family and I were brought there by the good people from Treks Enterprise for a visit.

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There’s a small water fountain here and occasionally, you will be able to catch birds taking a sip or two here before flying away.

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Bench for you to sit on, and I reckon it is perfect for dating couples.

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Couple spotted chilling out with each other on the bench.

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One of the latest eye-catching attraction here in the English Garden is the Nepenthes’ Wall where various kinds of pitcher plants are actually grown in a natural environment, making a beautiful addition to the garden’s population.

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The Nepenthes’ Wall in the English Garden is a part of Treks Enterprise’s effort to educate people about the beautiful plants and conserve the pitcher plants that they found in the jungle.

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Eddie showing us how to differentiate a male and female pitcher plants.

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A closer look at a pair of pitcher plant.

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Unlike the Nepenthes Conservatory in Awana Hotel, the pitcher plants in the English Garden grows in riot over the wall and besides taking pictures here, visitors are also allowed to ‘adopt’ one of the wild pitcher plants grown here and fashion decorate the wall of the English Garden to their liking.

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Adopting a pitcher plant and tying it to the wall.

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I couldn’t draw to save my life, and I could only immortalize them through the camera, but if I’m a painter, I’d sit here for hours and paint them on a canvas, with immense pleasure.

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Some interesting looking pitcher plants that I managed to spot during my visit.

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I don’t know how everyone else felt when they paid the English Garden a visit, but personally, I felt as if The Secret Garden came to live and I was the protagonist, Mary Lennox. For those who is not familiar with this title, The Secret Garden is a classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett and it tells the story of a sickly 10 year old Mary Lennox. She’s an unloved 10-year-old girl born in India to selfish, wealthy British parents who kept her out of their way as much as possible. Upon her parents’ death, she was then sent to live with Archibald Craven, an uncle she has never met, at his home called Misselthwaite Manor. Mary then discovered a Secret Garden that used to belonged to her uncle’s late wife and she tended to the garden and made it her sanctuary. As the story progresses, she met her bedridden cousin and they both started to grow things in the garden and started to become happier and healthier. To cut the long story short, the author explores the healing power inherent in living things.In a very literal sense, Mary Lennox “comes alive” as her garden does. The same goes for Colin and Mr Craven. As they tend to something outside their own sorrow, they find joy and new life and looking over the Nepenthes Wall in the English Garden, I felt the same. Being outdoor and close to nature made me feel not only healthier, but liberated and happier too.

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I’m grateful that the good folks from Treks brought me and my family there during our last visit to Genting and moving forward, I’d be sure to make a point to just take a stroll there every now and then and smell the roses. The view in the English Garden is simply breathtaking and I couldn’t get enough of the picturesque view over here and it was indeed a novel experience.

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