Fear not the armies of Hell, for they shall not pass…

Short entry. Just to express what I feel at the moment.

Monarchs and those in power use whatever means necessary to justify what they do; so do religious leaders including those of Christianity. Anyone who kills and destroy in the name of God does not serve a God who is worth serving, regardless of what God it is they claimed to serve. They are the children of Hell, possessed with hatred and rage.Consumed with lust for power and blood. Chained by their own nature. They walk on the face of the Earth do do naught but spill blood of the innocent, planting the seeds of evil in the mind of many.

I pray God have mercy for their soul, for their sins are too great.

Cleffairy: Fear not the armies and the children of Hell, for they shall not pass. Justice shall be served, for God is great.


  1. eugene says:

    At the end, the satan or the “syaitan” will have the last laugh, because those who are sinned with unforgiveness shall be dommed to hell.

    Sometimes i really wonder, what would GOD this if he were to appear in front of us in the midst of all these controversies surrounding him.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm May be he will say” my child, stop blemishing me”

    • Cleffairy says:

      That’s what God will say, but you know what the people will do, then? They’ll call God crazy, and toss him into ISA or something for threatening the ‘stability’ of the country and for poisoning the mind of people.

  2. Gratitude says:

    Since we are in the subject of God’s mercy, I can’t help but to share my distraught with a comment that i read immediately after the tsunami. Here it goes ……. If God was indeed merciful, why did so many innocent lives perish? Should we come to the easy conclusion that “all is fated”?

    Sorry, not meant to offend but just share.

    Dear fairy, I fully agree that people who do bad are certainly not children of the almighty.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Gratitude… check this out. https://cleffairy.com/?p=1247

      Frankly speaking, those questions came to my mind too. A lot of things happened to me last year, that made God fly out of the window and beyond, because I got so tired of the things that’s happening around me and God doesn’t seems to answer my prayers at all. Got so sick that instead of getting a break, more things happened to me. NON STOP…I asked myself the same question, if God is indeed merciful, why all of this happened to me, and to people around me?

      Then my house was on fire… I escaped with my family…barely alive… here’s the link… I even wrote it down, cuz I was really, really traumatized by it, and til today… I get recurring nightmares about it. https://cleffairy.com/?p=1422

      You might know this, but at some point, I was agnostic. I doubted God’s existence. I din even believe that God exists. Even if he does exists, I feel that He’s not merciful and somewhat bitchy. Why? I feel that he is punishing me, and I lost everything in just the blink of the eye, and was homeless. Nobody was there to help me and family though they are actually indebted to us. Nobody gives a damn… all they know is gossip around and make things difficult for us. I was really taken aback. Cuz all these while, we helped these people a lot. And when we need help, all of these people run as if the world is ending.

      I was pulled further into depression, cuz things gets more bad after the fire. Stress and tension is in the air, what’s more, there are outsiders interference.I did not have faith in God… until Dec 2009 that I got to know Claire, STP, Shakira…they made me realized that God wasn’t punishing me, but he loves me, cuz he was showing me how cruel and how inhumane some people around me can be. He is trying to make me see… that all these while, those whom I considered friends are not really friends. He’s making me see… who is actually good, and who is actually bad, and who will be there in the times of need, and who will not, and I should beware of those who are two-faced.

      Through the fire, God made me see… that I have been taking things for granted, and I should start loving and cherishing my family more…as if He didn’t show me mercy back then in the fire, I could have died, or my family could have died, and therefore, I will have no more chance at loving them. Yes… indeed, to me, God is still merciful, because he works in mysterious ways. We might not realize it, Gratitude, but he worked in mysterious ways, beyond human comprehension. Everything happens for a reason. It’s not just fate.

      It happened for a reason, and sometimes, the reason is to knock some senses into our thick head. It is up to us how to interpret the good and the bad things that happened to us, but if I come to realized something as of late… if you start to count your blessings, and open up your heart a little bit to Him and the people around you, you will understand that God is not only almighty, but full of mercy, and actually guiding us all the way through the hard times.Seriously. I’m speaking this from experience.

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