Fisher-Price Play Ambassador Launch

Children grow through play. As they transition quickly from the infant and toddler stages to become pre-schoolers, parents are on a constant lookout for new ways to educate, entertain and play with them.

Fisher-Price®, a trusted name in quality toys and gear, is known to keep these little ones engaged in a fun and stimulating manner through the various stages of growth.


From rockers and gyms to high chairs and even jumperoos, Fisher-Price® has always focused on creating innovative toys and gear that enrich and celebrate childhood.

Fisher-Price® Malaysia recently went on a hunt to find parents who share similar views in raising children by enriching their lives through play. As a result, the company today launched the expansion of their Play Ambassador Programme, with the introduction of local parenting blogger Diyana Yang as well as Vince and Melissa Tan – proud parents of ‘the Happy 3 Bubs’ (triplets) as new ambassadors for Fisher-Price®. Together, under the guidance of initial ambassador Belinda Chee, they will further instil the ‘Joy of Learning’ to parents throughout Malaysia.

Personally speaking, it is a relief to see that there are plenty of parents out there who believed in the power of play. Yours truly believes that children should be allowed to explore and simply be children and as parents we should not be too caught up in the rat race. Children should always enjoy their childhood instead of being told to excel academically. It saddens me each time I see parents gets worked up whenever their children fail to meet their expectation, academically speaking; even in kindergarten. Childhood should be enjoyed, not just cramming for ridiculous kindergarten or school exams.

Cleffairy: It’s not the end of the world, even if your children does not excel academically. It’s important to nurture a well-rounded individual rather than just a study machine.


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